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Turèok, Lukáš
Podaras, Athanasios
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Institute of Economic Research Working Papers 88/2015
The article presents the development of a software application that focuses on calculating partnership efficiency. Partnership efficiency is part of the theory of stocks. This software is developed by using Microsoft Excel and the programming language Visual Basic for Applications. The main goal is to create a simple, user-friendly interface designed to calculate partnership efficiency among contractual partners. The contribution is based on the assumption that small and medium-sized enterprises do not use complicated IT systems, but to cater for their needs, they mainly use Microsoft Excel. The main contribution of the article is the software application that calculates, in a short term period, partnership efficiency among contractual partners. The created application is also designed for educational purposes (e.g. aimed to assist university students in absorbing the practical implementation of the Cooperation Model).
dynamic model
partnership efficiency
stock keeping theory
visual basic for applications
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Working Paper

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