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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 From Autonomy to Subordination? Relations Between the State and the Representations of Interests on the German Labor MarketMoszynski, Michal
2018 Market and state in socio-economic order: a brief review of theoriesJurczuk, Anna E.; Pysz, Piotr
2017 The Impact of Emigration on the Competitiveness of the Country: the Case of LithuaniaRemeikiene, Rita; Gaspareniene, Ligita
2017 Employee epowerment - terminological and practical perspectiveCierniak-Emerych, Anna; Piwowar-Sulej, Katarzyna
2017 Influence of the Cultural Background at Small and Medium Sized-Enterprises Innovations in Regional DimensionBernat, Maria; Bruska, Anna; Biliczak, Anna Jasinska-
2017 The Integrated Relationship Management FrameworkDeszczynski, Bartosz
2017 Transformations of the Art Market in the World - Quantitative ApproachBialynicka-Birula, Joanna
2017 The role of intellectual capital in building a competitive advantage by enterprises from the transport, shipping and logistics industry (TSL)Igielski, Michal
2017 International activity of the innovative enterprises - experience and recommendationsGrodek-Szostak, Zofia; Nesterak, Janusz; Luc, Malgorzata
2017 SMEs Innovativeness and Institutional Support System: The Local Experiences in Qualitative PerspectiveLewandowska, Anna; Stopa, Mateusz
2017 Value-based banking in CEE countries - ecological point of viewJanik, Bogna
2017 Improving safety culture in the company based on attitudes and behavior of its employeesGembalska-Kwiecien, Anna
2017 The Impact of Gender Composition of Boards on Firms Financial Performance in PolandMaj, Jolanta; Bebenek, Piotr
2017 Europa 2020 Strategy target in R&D sector: Visegrad group countriesBockova, Nina; Meluzin, Tomas; Skapa, Stanislav
2017 The Capital Gaps between Female and Male EntrepreneursEfroni, Bracha
2017 The use of IT tools for knowledge management in companiesCupial, Michal; Szelag-Sikora, Anna; Sikora, Jakub; Rorat, Joanna; Niemiec, Marcin
2017 Repeat sales index for residential real estate in KrakowCzerski, Jaroslaw; Gluszak, Michal; Zygmunt, Robert
2017 Testing European Business cycles asymmetryKovacic, Zlatko J.; Vilotic, Milos
2017 Gender as Determinant Factor of Routes for Registered Unemployment ExitBieszk-Stolorz, Beata
2017 Wage Inequality in its Relation with Macroeconomic Stability: A Synergetic ApproachHorodecka, Anna; Vozna, Liudmyla
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 439