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Schönheit, David
Hladik, Dirk
Hobbie, Hannes
Möst, Dominik
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Working paper of the Chair of Energy Economics (TU Dresden)
This paper documents ELMOD, a linear optimization model with a nodal pricing approach, covering the energy market and electricity grid of Europe. In the presented formulation, ELMOD is used for the computation of market coupling results without grid constraints and subsequent computation of congestion management, i.e. redispatch and curtailment. Furthermore, flow-based market coupling is implemented, as the EU-stipulated calculation method for cross-border trading capacities. A short case study presents exemplary results for market outcomes based on flow-based market coupling, i.e. n-1 secure trading domains, import-export balances, and zonal prices, as well as necessary congestion management measures.
energy system modeling
electricity grid models
linear optimization
congestion management
flow-based market coupling
n-1 security criterion
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Working Paper

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