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Pellini, Arnaldo
Abdi, Deqa I.
Salah, Guled
Ali, Hussein Yusuf
Quintin, Kalinaki Lawrence
Hassan, Mohamed Abdisalam
Said, Salim
Khan, Amina
Laws, Edward
ODI Report
Research cooperation between Somalia and Sweden began in 1982, but was interrupted in the early 1990s due to the civil war. As Somalia gradually starts the process of institution-building and shifting towards a federal system, the Swedish government is considering whether and in what form to re-establish its support for domestic research capabilities. This report for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and in partnership with the Somali Institute for Development Research and Analysis (SIDRA) investigates opportunities for research cooperation in Somalia. The study was organised around three guiding questions: What are the key enabling factors and barriers to research performance and academic freedom at universities in Somalia today? What are the current ongoing initiatives termed, defined or categorised as "research" support or cooperation to and in Somalia? What are the different opportunities and modalities for support to and organisation of research cooperation in Somalia?
Research Report

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