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2023The Sahel conflict: Economic & security spillovers on West AfricaRaga, Sherillyn; Lemma, Alberto; Keane, Jodie
2023Nature-based green infrastructure: A review of African experience and potentialDupar, Mairi; Henriette, Elvina; Hubbard, Eric
2023A fair share of resilience finance for Small Island Developing States: Closing the gap between vulnerability and allocationWilkinson, Emily; Panwar, Vikrant; Pettinotti, Laetitia; Cao, Yue; Corbett, Jack; Bouhia, Rachid
2023Indebted: How to support countries heavily reliant on oil and gas revenues to secure long-term prosperitySteadman, Shandelle; Gençsü, Ipek; Mustapha, Shakira; Colenbrander, Sarah; Tyson, Judith
2023Mapping finance sources for nature-based solutions in AfricaPettinotti, Laetitia; Quevedo, Adriana
2023Cash transfers and digital financial inclusion: Regional evidence from Asia Pacific with a focus on Bangladesh, Cambodia, and NepalSarwar, Moizza Binat; Diepeveen, Stephanie; Moreno, Diego Benitez
2023The automotive sector in Nigeria: Opportunities under the AfCFTAAgarwal, Prachi; Abudu, Derrick; Calabrese, Linda; Chukwurah, Ogoegbunam
2023Crafting development power: Evolving European approaches in an age of polycrisisChen, Yunnan; Faure, Raphaëlle; Gulrajani, Nilima
2023Fiscal policy and gender income inequality: The role of taxes and social spendingAbramovsky, Laura; Selwaness, Irene N.
2023One-stop border posts (OSBPs): An assessment of the economic and social impactAyele, Yohannes; Calabrese, Linda; Gharib, Mohamed; Mendez Parra, Maximiliano
2023One-stop border posts in East Africa: Impact on transport costs and issues for further analysisMendez Parra, Maximiliano; Calabrese, Linda
2022Fiscal policy and income inequality: The role of taxes and social spendingGranger, Hazel; Abramovsky, Laura; Pudussery, Jessica
2022Digitalisation of property taxation in developing countries: Recent advances and remaining challengesKnebelmann, Justine
2022Managing climate risks to protect net-zero energy goals: Net-zero transition opportunities in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and UzbekistanOpitz-Stapleton, Sarah; Borodyna, Olena; Nijhar, Ilayda; Panwar, Vikrant; Nadin, Rebecca
2022The political economy of premium subsidies: Searching for better impact and design. Insights for Sovereign Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and InsuranceScott, Zoe; Panwar, Vikrant; Weingärtner, Lena; Wilkinson, Emily
2022Methodological guidance to assess the value for money of premium and capital support towards climate and disaster risk finance and insuranceWard, John; Weingärtner, Lena; Panwar, Vikrant
2022Opportunities and co-benefits of transitioning to a net-zero economy in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and UzbekistanPanwar, Vikrant; Nijhar, Ilayda; Borodyna, Olena; Opitz-Stapleton, Sarah; Nadin, Rebecca
2022Youth economic security, skills and empowerment: Learning from positive outliers among youth affected by forced displacement in JordanJones, Nicola; Sajdi, Jude; Presler-Marshall, Elizabeth; Odeh, Kifah Bani; Essaid, Aida; Małachowska, Agnieszka; Vintges, Joost
2022Methodological guidance to determine the "size" of premium and capital support (PCS) at macro levelPanwar, Vikrant; Ward, John; Weingärtner, Lena; Wilkinson, Emily
2022Identifying, managing and disclosing climate-related financial risks: Options for the Reserve Bank of IndiaVaze, Prashant; Kumar, Neha; Colenbrander, Sarah; Burge, Lily; Sharma, Nandini
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 89