CEAMeS Discussion Paper Series, Center for East Asia Macro-economic Studies (CEAMeS), University of Hagen

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2020 Trajectories to high income: comparing the growth dynamics in China, Korea, and Japan with cointegrated VAR modelsMurach, Michael; Wagner, Helmut; Kim, Jungsuk; Park, Donghyun
2020 The Middle-Income Trap 2.0: The Increasing Role of Human Capital in the Age of Automation and Implications for Developing AsiaGlawe, Linda; Wagner, Helmut
2020 Networking topography and default contagion in China’s financial systemFittje, Jens; Wagner, Helmut
2019 The effects of external shocks on the business cycle in China: A structural change perspectiveMurach, Michael; Wagner, Helmut
2018 The Deep Determinants of Economic Development in China: A Provincial PerspectiveGlawe, Linda; Wagner, Helmut
2018 Structural change, rebalancing, and the danger of a middle-income trap in ChinaWagner, Helmut
2018 Avoiding the middle-income trap: Korean lessons for China?Murach, Michael; Wagner, Helmut; Kim, Jungsuk; Park, Donghyun
2017 On the (non-)sustainability of China’s development strategiesWagner, Helmut
2017 A stylized model of China’s growth since 1978Glawe, Linda; Wagner, Helmut
2017 China in the middle-income trap?Glawe, Linda; Wagner, Helmut
2017 The Changing Patterns of Investment in the PRC EconomyHolz, Carsten
2017 The Deep Determinants of the Middle-Income TrapGlawe, Linda; Wagner, Helmut
2017 Government efficiency and exports in ChinaReinecke, Antonia; Schmerer, Hans-Jörg
2017 The Deep Determinants at More Subtle Stages of Development: The Example of the Middle-Income Trap PhenomenonGlawe, Linda; Wagner, Helmut
2017 How severe will the growth slowdown in China caused by the structural change be? – An evaluation based on experiences from Japan and South KoreaMurach, Michael; Wagner, Helmut
2016 The building up of new imbalances in China: The dilemma with 'rebalancing'Wagner, Helmut
2016 The middle-income trap – definitions, theories and countries concerned: A literature surveyGlawe, Linda; Wagner, Helmut
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17
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