Referierte Aufsätze von Forscherinnen und Forschern des Leibniz-Instituts für Raumbezogene Sozialforschung (IRS)

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2023 Creative digipreneurs: Artistic entrepreneurial practices in platform-mediated spaceRepenning, Alica; Oechslen, Anna
2023 Modes of spread in social innovation: A social topology case in rural PortugalBaxter, Jamie-Scott
2023 Negotiating counterstrategies against the far right in Cottbus, Germany: shifting relations between the state and civil societyNettelbladt, Gala
2023 Diffusion and upscaling of municipal climate mitigation and adaptation strategies in GermanyKern, Kristine; Eckersley, Peter; Haupt, Wolfgang
2023 Balancing water rights in metropolitan water conservation areas: the case of Chengdu, ChinaGao, Chen; Bracken, Gregory; Herdt, Tanja
2023 Digitalisation in everyday urban planning activities: Consequences for embodied practices, spatial knowledge, planning processes, and workplacesChristmann, Gabriela; Schinagl, Martin
2023 „Das ging ja nur hier…“ – Wohneigentümerstrukturen und Segregation in ostdeutschen GroßwohnsiedlungenBernt, Matthias; Böhmer, Felix
2023 Experts in crisis: The wide spectrum of advisors for coping with extreme eventsBrinks, Verena; Ibert, Oliver
2023 (Trans)regional embeddedness and the resilience of offshore campusesKleibert, Jana M.; Schulze, Marc P.; Rottleb, Tim; Bobée, Alice
2023 Quality of urban climate adaptation plans over timeReckien, Diana; Buzasi, Attila; Olazabal, Marta; Spyridaki, Niki-Artemis; Eckersley, Peter; Simoes, Sofia G.; Salvia, Monica; Pietrapertosa, Filomena; Fokaides, Paris; Goonesekera, Sascha M.; Tardieu, Léa; Balzan, Mario V.; de Boer, Cheryl L.; De Gregorio Hurtado, Sonia; Feliu, Efrén; Flamos, Alexandros; Foley, Aoife; Geneletti, Davide; Grafakos, Stelios; Heidrich, Oliver; Ioannou, Byron; Krook-Riekkola, Anna; Matosovic, Marko; Orru, Hans; Orru, Kati; Paspaldzhiev, Ivan; Rižnar, Klavdija; Smigaj, Magdalena; Szalmáné Csete, Maria; Viguié, Vincent; Wejs, Anja
2023 Policy diffusion, policy transfer, and policy mobilities revisited: A call for more interdisciplinary approaches in human geographyHaupt, Wolfgang
2022 Circulation and containment in the knowledge-based economy: Transnational education zones in Dubai and QatarRottleb, Tim; Kleibert, Jana M.
2022 Workspaces of Mediation: How Digital Platforms Shape Practices, Spaces and Places of Creative WorkRepenning, Alica
2022 Planning in the Face of Extraordinary Uncertainty: Lessons from the COVID-19 PandemicIbert, Oliver; Baumgart, Sabine; Siedentop, Stefan; Weith, Thomas
2022 Public procurement as a policy tool: the territorial dimensionEckersley, Peter; Flynn, Anthony; Lakoma, Katarzyna; Ferry, Laurence
2022 Entwicklungspfade städtischer Klimapolitik: Bedeutung von Schlüsselereignissen und Schlüsselakteur:innen für die Klimapolitik in Potsdam, Remscheid und WürzburgKern, Kristine; Haupt, Wolfgang; Niederhafner, Stefan
2022 ‘When creativity gets you fired—why professionals tasked with innovation employ subversion when facing competing institutional demands in hybrid organizations’Vogelgsang, Lukas
2022 Public goods, public value and public audit: the Redmond review and English local governmentMurphy, Peter; Lakoma, Katarzyna; Eckersley, Peter; Dom, Bernard Kofi; Jones, Martin
2022 The global division of labour as enduring archipelago: thinking through the spatiality of ‘globalisation in reverse’van Meeteren, Michiel; Kleibert, Jana
2022 Socio‐spatial negotiations in Lisbon: Reflections of working‐aged lifestyle migrants on place and privilegeMolina Caminero, Lea; McGarrigle, Jennifer
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 107