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2022 Workspaces of Mediation: How Digital Platforms Shape Practices, Spaces and Places of Creative WorkRepenning, Alica
2022 Planning in the Face of Extraordinary Uncertainty: Lessons from the COVID-19 PandemicIbert, Oliver; Baumgart, Sabine; Siedentop, Stefan; Weith, Thomas
2022 Entwicklungspfade städtischer Klimapolitik: Bedeutung von Schlüsselereignissen und Schlüsselakteur:innen für die Klimapolitik in Potsdam, Remscheid und WürzburgKern, Kristine; Haupt, Wolfgang; Niederhafner, Stefan
2022 ‘When creativity gets you fired—why professionals tasked with innovation employ subversion when facing competing institutional demands in hybrid organizations’Vogelgsang, Lukas
2022 Circulation and containment in the knowledge-based economy: Transnational education zones in Dubai and QatarRottleb, Tim; Kleibert, Jana M.
2021 “By women, for women, and with women”: on the integration of highly qualified female refugees into the labour Markets of Berlin and BrandenburgHillmann, Felicitas; Toğral Koca, Burcu
2021 Transnational education for regional economic development? Understanding Malaysia's and Singapore's strategic coupling in global higher educationSchulze, Marc Philipp; Kleibert, Jana Maria
2021 On the role of key players in rural social innovation processesRichter, Ralph; Christmann, Gabriela B.
2021 Platform ecology: A user‐centric and relational conceptualization of online platformsIbert, Oliver; Oechslen, Anna; Repenning, Alica; Schmidt, Suntje
2021 ‘Slowing down’ in small and medium-sized towns: Cittaslow in Germany and Italy from a social innovation perspectiveSept, Ariane
2021 Transnational education zones: Towards an urban political economy of ‘education cities’Kleibert, Jana M.; Bobée, Alice; Rottleb, Tim; Schulze, Marc
2021 Geographies of Marketization in Higher Education: Branch Campuses as Territorial and Symbolic FixesKleibert, Jana M.
2021 Straddling multiple streams: focusing events, policy entrepreneurs and problem brokers in the governance of English fire and rescue servicesEckersley, Peter; Lakoma, Katarzyna
2021 Vulnerability and Resilience Embedded in Discourses: Literature, Media, and Actors’ Cultural Knowledge in German and Polish River RegionsHeimann, Thorsten; Barcz, Anna; Christmann, Gabriela; Bembnista, Kamil; Buchta-Bartodziej, Petra; Michalak, Anna
2021 Austerity, political control and supplier selection in English local government: implications for autonomy in multi-level systemsEckersley, Peter; Flynn, Anthony; Ferry, Laurence; Lakoma, Katarzyna
2021 Remembering John/Ivan Demjanjuk: Inclusive and exclusive frames in cosmopolitan holocaust discoursePentzold, Christian; Sommer, Vivien
2021 Transnational spaces of education as infrastructures of im/mobilityKleibert, Jana M.
2021 Energiekonflikte und Demokratiekrise. Eine radikaldemokratische Perspektive auf das Ringen um Gemeinwohlziele der EnergiewendeKrüger, Timmo
2021 Zuwanderung in Städte: Chancen und Grenzen der planerischen SteuerungKühn, Manfred
2021 Hiding in the Spotlight: Commodifying Nature and Geographies of Dissociation in the Fur-Fashion ComplexMüller, Felix C.; Kleibert, Jana M.; Ibert, Oliver
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 76