FORLand Working Papers, DFG Research Unit 2569 FORLand "Agricultural Land Markets – Efficiency and Regulation", Humboldt-Universität Berlin

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2021 Who participates in agri-environmental schemes? A mixed-methods approach to investigate the role of farmer archetypes in scheme uptake and participation levelLeonhardt, Heidi; Braito, Michael; Uehleke, Reinhard
2020 A geoadditive distributional regression analysis of the local relationship of land prices and land rents in GermanySchaak, Henning; Mußhoff, Oliver
2020 How useful is listings data for research?Kolbe, Jens; Schulz, Rainer; Wersing, Martin; Werwatz, Axel
2020 How green is greening? A fine-scale analysis of spatio-temporal dynamics in GermanyLakes, Tobia; Garcia-Marquez, Jaime; Müller, Daniel; Lakner, Sebastian; Pe’er, Guy
2020 An experimental analysis of German farmers' decisions to buy or rent farmlandBuchholz, Matthias; Danne, Michael; Mußhoff, Oliver
2020 Environmental efficiency measurement when producers control pollutants under heterogeneous conditions: A generalization of the materials balance approachEder, Andreas
2020 AVM and high dimensional data: Do ridge, the lasso or the elastic net provide an "automated" solution?Hinrichs, Nils; Kolbe, Jens; Werwatz, Axel
2020 Identifying agricultural landscape types for Brandenburg, Germany using IACS dataWolff, Saskia; Hüttel, Silke; Nendel, Claas; Lakes, Tobia
2020 Farm growth and land concentrationPlogmann, Jana; Mußhoff, Oliver; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias
2020 Common values and unobserved heterogeneity in farmland auctions in GermanySeifert, Stefan; Hüttel, Silke
2020 Measuring liquidity in agricultural land marketsKionka, Marlene; Odening, Martin; Plogmann, Jana; Ritter, Matthias
2019 Maizification of the landscape for biogas production? Identifying the likelihood of silage maize for biogas in Brandenburg from 2008-2018Vergara, Felipe; Lakes, Tobia Maike
2019 Farm eco-efficiency: Can sustainable intensification make the difference?Weltin, Meike; Hüttel, Silke
2019 Price dispersion in farmland markets: What is the role of asymmetric information?Kahle, Christoph; Seifert, Stefan; Hüttel, Silke
2019 The plurality of farmers' views on soil management calls for a policy mixBraito, Michael; Leonhardt, Heidi; Penker, Marianne; Schauppenlehner-Kloyber, Elisabeth; Thaler, Georg; Flint, Courtney G.
2019 The potential for industrial activity among EU regions: An empirical analysis at the NUTS2 levelGornig, Martin; Werwatz, Axel
2019 Why do farmers care about rented land?Leonhardt, Heidi; Braito, Michael; Penker, Marianne
2019 The impact of production intensity on agricultural land pricesGrau, Aaron; Jasic, Svetlana; Ritter, Matthias; Odening, Martin
2019 Revisiting the relationship between land price and parcel sizeRitter, Matthias; Hüttel, Silke; Odening, Martin; Seifert, Stefan
2019 Land value appraisal using statistical methodsKolbe, Jens; Schulz, Rainer; Wersing, Martin; Werwatz, Axel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27
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