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Leinonen, Harry
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Scientific monographs No. E:39
Bank of Finland, Helsinki
Chapter 1 Harry Leinonen Introduction 9 Chapter 2 Kimmo Soramäki - Walter Beyeler - Morten Bech - Rober Glass New approaches for payment system simulation research 15 Chapter 3 Fabien Renault - Jean-Baptiste Pecceu From PNS to TARGET2: the cost of FIFO in RTGS payment system 41 Chapter 4 Neville M. Arjani Examining the tradeoff between settlement delay and intraday liquidity in Canada's LVTS: a simulation approach 87 Chapter 5 Kei Imakubo - James J. McAndrews Funding levels for the new accounts in the BOJ-NET 123 Chapter 6 Ana Lasaosa - Merxe Tudela Risks and efficiency gains of a tiered structure in large-value payments: a simulation approach 149 Chapter 7 Stefan W Schmitz - Claus Puhr Risk concentration, network structure and contagion in the Austrian Real Time Interbank Settlement System 183 Chapter 8 Elisabeth Ledrut How can banks control their exposure to a failing participant? 227 Chapter 9 Darcey McVanel The impact of unanticipated defaults in Canada's Large Value Transfer System 253 Chapter 10 Matti Hellqvist - Heli Snellman Simulation of operational failures in equities settlement 283
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