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da Silva, Frederico Augusto Barbosa
Ziviani, Paula
Ghezzi, Daniela Ribas
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Texto para Discussão No. 2470
Abstract (Translated): 
This text aims to describe practices, enjoyment and production of online content, that is, the culture in TIC Domicílio 2017 preparing ground for possible dialogues with TIC Cultura, both performed by the Regional Center for Studies on the Development of the Information Society (, in order to contribute to the reflection on the internet's use and access to cultural goods and services. In order to do so, a survey of the historical context of the Internet's emergence and development was carried out, as well as the political-economic structuring that governs its organization and, consequently, the processes in the digital world. From data's analysis, the access of selected practices was socioeconomically characterized, as well as the accumulation of uses - the action of performing various practices on the internet and its different types of use. The analyzes were based on the understanding of the value inherent to the process of statistical construction based on Bruno Latour and Steve Woolgar's notion of literary inscription; as well as Pierre Bourdieu's conception of structured field and instances of consecration and legitimation. As a result, it was verified a need to relativize the majority discourses that emphasize the supposedly democratizing character of the medium, once the Internet produces and reproduces hierarchies, exclusions and social inequalities. Regarding to the population's access to cultural equipment, it is necessary to understand the determinations of the practices, as well as the cultural dispositions' characteristics that organize the individual investments in the uses of the ICTs.
literary inscriptions
instances of consecration
social exclusion
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Working Paper

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