Proceedings of the ENTRENOVA - ENTerprise REsearch InNOVAtion Conference (2019), Rovinj, Croatia

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2019 The Role of Multicultural Education and Social Media in the Affirmation of Democratic SocietyBajrami, Demush; Shabani, Arafat
2019 Blockchain: A Coordination MechanismPietrewicz, Lesław
2019 Analysis of Asymmetry in Slovak Gasoline and Diesel Retail MarketSzomolányi, Karol; Lukáčik, Martin; Lukáčiková, Adriana
2019 How to Engage Resistant Students in Classes of Innovation and Entrepreneurship?Holmbye, Celeste B.; Bjeld, Allan B.
2019 Innovation Processes and Technologies for Improvement and Support of EducationBalco, Peter; Drahošová, Martina; Greguš, Michal
2019 Exploring Gender Role in Co-Authorship Networks for Computing Books: A Case Study in DBLPSahatqija, Kosovare; Kadriu, Arbana
2019 New Approach to Modelling and Its Application in Transportation in Urban TrafficBabič, Matej; Soldo, Božo; Povh, Janez
2019 Devising UIF Model in Designing Usable User Interface Impacted from Shorter-Time-To-Market PhenomenaFetaji, Bekim; Ebibi, Mirlinda; Fetaji, Majlinda; Abdullahu, Aferdita; Armenski, Goce; Antovski, Ljupcho
2019 Assessment of Comparative Efficiency Based on Integral Index of Reforms: Evidence from Transcaucasian RepublicsDavoyan, Samson; Galoyan, Lusya; Ayvazyan, Knarik; Kurghinyan, Roza
2019 Human Resources Management: Current IssuesBarišić, Anton Florijan; Klopotan, Igor; Miloloža, Ivan
2019 IoT and Smart Home Data Breach Risks from the Perspective of Croatian Data Protection and Information Security LawVojković, Goran; Milenković, Melita; Katulić, Tihomir
2019 Tourists’ Recommendations: WOM Becomes DigitalGrubor, Aleksandar; Leković, Ksenija; Tomić, Slavica
2019 How Does the Attitude to Sustainable Food Influence the Perception of Customers at the Point of Sale? - an Eye-Tracking StudyLamberz, Julia; Litfin, Thorsten; Teckert, Özlem; Meeh-Bunse, Gunther
2019 The State of Service Related Competences in MontenegroJovanović, Jelena Šaković; Peković, Sanja; Bošković, Branko
2019 Current Trends for Blockchain and Smart Contracts (In Financial Services)Bringas, Pablo Garcia; Pastor-López, Iker; Psaila, Giuseppe
2019 Devising Ecological and Energy Footprint as Measurement IndicatorsMihajlovski, Bojan; Fetaji, Bekim; Fetaji, Majlinda
2019 Creating Sustainable Photovoltaics for Smart CitiesBrenner, Werner; Adamovic, Nadja
2019 Real-Time Environmental Parameters Monitoring SystemĆorić, Davor
2019 Reputation as a Key Resource for Market Success in the Banking SectorStarešinić, Berislava; Omazić, Mislav Ante; Aleksić, Ana
2019 A Multi-Label Machine Learning Approach to Support Pathologist's Histological AnalysisAzzini, Antonia; Cortesi, Nicola; Marrara, Stefania; Topalović, Amir
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 67
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