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Aimene, Louise
Jeanjean, Francois
Liang, Julienne
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30th European Conference of the International Telecommunications Society (ITS): "Towards a Connected and Automated Society", Helsinki, Finland, 16th-19th June, 2019
We evaluate the impact of mobile operators merger on unitary price of data and voice by using country-level observations on data retail revenue, cellular data traffic, voice retail revenue, outgoing voice minutes. Using difference-in-differences estimation strategy, we estimate the effect of 4-to-3 operators merger by comparing the difference between the no-merging countries and the merging countries before and after the introduction of 4-to-3 operators merger. In accordance with the theoretical prediction provided in this paper, we find that mergers from four to three mobile operators tend to decrease data unitary price and increase voice unitary price
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Conference Paper

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