30th European Regional ITS Conference, Helsinki 2019

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30th European Regional ITS Conference (Helsinki 2019)
Helsinki, Finland, 16th - 19th June 2019

"Towards a Connected and Automated Society"

Digitalization is rapidly changing our society. The proliferation of easy-to-use devices and cloud-based applications is dramatically moulding our daily life, often in unpredictable and surprising ways. The underlying foundation of this evolution is the global service and connectivity infrastructure.
Many important techno-political and socio-economic questions regarding the evolution of this infrastructure centre on fibre and wireless. 5G, as the next generation mobile access technology, may play a key role in unifying the architecture and ecosystems, casting aside in the process a series of dichotomies such as fixed vs. mobile, indoors vs. outdoors, humans vs. machines, broadcasting vs. Internet, boundaries of the cloud vs. network. Notably, 5G is not only the next mobile technology generation but it is also a significant game changer in the wider communication ecosystem. 5G small cells on higher frequency bands, in particular, are creating pressure for structural changes affecting both co-operation and competition across the industry.

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2019Utilizing 5G Enhanced IoT Services for Improved Decision-Making in Environmental Resource ManagementPearl, M. Alexander
2019Competition, technological change and productivity gains: the contribution of information technologiesCiriani, Stephane; Jeanjean, Francois
2019Why Consumers Commit Voluntarily to Collaborative Innovation with Firms by Using Social Media?: Case of Japanese consumersIdota, Hiroki; Nakaya, Joji; Tsuji, Masatsugu
2019Will the data markets necessarily fail? A position paperNikander, Pekka; Elo, Tommi
2019Personalised pricing and EU lawde Streel, Alexandre; Jacques, Florian
2019Digital Infrastructure and Entrepreneurship: The Digital Era's Enabling EffectCaceres-Diaz, Piero; Usero-Sanchez, María Belén; Montoro-Sanchez, Angeles
2019Net Neutrality Under EU Law – a Hindrance to 5G SuccessKantola, Raimo
2019Feasibility of the City-driven Neutral Host Operator: The case of HelsinkiBenseny, Jaume; Walia, Jaspreet; Finley, Benjamin; Hämmäinen, Heikki
2019The International Radio Spectrum Management: A Regime Theory AnalysisEl-Moghazi, Mohamed; Whalley, Jason
2019Value of Time in the Context of Communications ServicesKilkki, Kalevi; Hämmäinen, Heikki
2019The Digital Cable TV Pricing Mechanism and the Consumer Preferences: the Survey in TaiwanTseng, Kuo-Feng
2019Efficiency of Mobile Network Operators from a Data Service PerspectiveReddy, Manohar Bayyapu; Bielov, Constantine; Finley, Benjamin; Kilkki, Kalevi; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2019Critical development factors in infrastructure for the communications industry based on wholesale leased line services in TaiwanLi, Shu-Hua; Chen, Jen-Chieh
2019Ex post regulation of NGA networks: A roadmap for calculating the cost of an efficient operator – The case of GreeceLogothetis, Vangelis; Ioannou, Nikos; Tselekounis, Markos; Katsianis, Dimitris; Chipouras, Aris; Varoutas, Dimitris
2019Bring your own spectrum (BYOS) – A tiered architecture supporting flexible spectrum allocationTripathi, Madhulika; Phillips, Braden; Sorell, Matthew
2019Analysis of the WiFi4EU initiative as a potential instrument to correct digital divide in rural areas in the EUNavío-Marco, Julio; Pérez-Leal, Raquel; Ruiz-Gómez, Luis Manuel
2019"Geo-Political Economy & Culture" and Connected Life in Asian I&CT MarketsKawamata, Takahiro
2019Relationship of Over-the-top (OTT) Communications and Traditional Telecommunications Services: the Case of ThailandJirakasem, Monarat; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2019Driver and Barriers of ICT Adoption in Revenue Collection in Ghana: A Case of Accra Metropolitan AssemblyTahiru, Fati; Agbesi, Samuel
2019Special issues have got something? An overview of research trends in Telecommunications Policy special issuesLee, So-Eun; Kim, Seongcheol; Lim, Chulmin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 64
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