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Mattila, Juri
Seppälä, Timo
Naucler, Catarina
Stahl, Riitta
Tikkanen, Marianne
Bådenlid, Alexandra
Seppälä, Jane
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ETLA Working Papers 43
To encourage public discourse on blockchain use case development, this paper provides a pragmatic view on how to develop and to describe blockchain use cases. We approach the issue by developing a tentative use case for autonomous machine-to-machine transactions of electricity in a housing society environment through an iterative process with stakeholders in the energy industry. We proceed by evaluating the outlined concept and its technical specifications against six criteria for a sensible blockchain use case, as identified by blockchain industry specialists. Finally, we conclude with observations and discussion on the use case development process, and its future steps.
Digital platform
industrial platform
blockchain technology
autonomous marketplace
energy industry
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Working Paper

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