ETLA Working Papers, The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)

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2023The effects of the decentralization of collective bargaining on wages and wage dispersion: Evidence from the Finnish forest and IT industriesKauhanen, Antti
2023Do grocery feedback systems enabling access to past consumption impact individual food purchase behavior?Koski, Heli; Kuikkaniemi, Kai; Pantzar, Mika
2023Breakthrough innovations and productivity: An international perspectiveKuusi, Tero; Nevavuo, Jenni
2023Five countries, five models: A comparison of fiscal frameworks and lessons for FinlandBegg, Iain; Kuusi, Tero; Kylliäinen, Olavi
2023The effects of COVID-19 pandemic on (new) life insurancesRopponen, Olli; Kuusi, Tero; Valkonen, Tarmo
2023Inter-industry and intra-industry switching as sources of productivity growth: Structural change of Finland's ICT industriesKuosmanen, Natalia; Kuosmanen, Timo
2023Renewal of companies through product switchingKuosmanen, Natalia; Valmari, Nelli
2023Beyond AI, blockchain systems, and digital platforms: Digitalization unlocks mass hyper-personalization and mass servitizationSeppäläinen, Timo O.; Mucha, Tomasz; Mattila, Juri
2022The role of firm dynamics in the green transition: Carbon productivity decomposition in Finnish manufacturingNatalia, Kuosmanen; Terhi, Maczulskij
2022Assessing components of uncertainty in demographic forecasts with an application to fiscal sustainabilityAlho, Juha; Lassila, Jukka
2022Worker mobility and productivity spilloversOhlsbom, Roope
2022The labor-market effects of service offshoring: A synthetic control approach with high-dimensional microdataKässi, Otto
2022Trade flows, carbon leakage, and the EU emissions trading systemKuusi, Tero; Wang, Maria
2022R&D and productivity in Finnish firmsNelli, Valmari
2022Mind the gap: Assessing the size and determinants of the life insurance gapRopponen, Olli; Kuusi, Tero; Valkonen, Tarmo
2022New evidence on the effect of technology on employment and skill demandHirvonen, Johannes; Stenhammar, Aapo; Tuhkuri, Joonas
2021Dark half: Decentralized bargaining and well-being at workMaczulskij, Terhi; Haapanen, Mika; Kauhanen, Antti; Riukula, Krista
2021Occupational Mobility of Routine WorkersMaczulskij, Terhi
2021Personality and Public Sector EmploymentMaczulskij, Terhi; Viinikainen, Jutta
2021Interest limitation rules and business cycles: Empirical evidenceRopponen, Olli
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 107