KDI Journal of Economic Policy, Korea Development Institute (KDI)

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2022 Franchise Market, Contract Conditions, and Welfare Implications: Evidence from KoreaLee, Jinkook; Seo, Myoungshik
2022 Political Economy of Immigration and Fiscal SustainabilityHur, Jinwook
2022 Investment and Business Cycles: Focusing on Firms' Capital Adjustment CostsNam, Changwoo
2021 Trade Liberalization and Manufacturing Productivity Changes in Korea during the Past Three DecadesSong, Yeongkwan
2021 Social Distancing, Labor Supply, and Income DistributionCho, Duksang
2021 Who's Hit Hardest? The Persistence of the Employment Shock by the COVID-19 CrisisHan, Joseph
2021 Searching for the Cause of the Gender Gap in Employment Losses during the COVID-19 CrisisKim, Jiyeon
2021 Korea's Inflation Expectations with regard to the Phillips Curve and Implications of the COVID-19 CrisisJung, Kyu-Chul
2021 How do Export Pioneers Emerge and How are They Related to Product Creators?Hahn, Chin Hee
2021 Measuring the Impact of a Trade Dispute with a Supply-side Shock Using a Supply-driven Input-Output Analysis: Korea-Japan Dispute CaseKim, Dongseok
2021 The Impact of COVID-19 Regional Cash Subsidies on the Sales of Local Businesses in South KoreaKim, Meeroo; Oh, Yoon Hae
2021 Effects of Easing LTV·DTI Regulations on the Debt Structure and Credit Risk of BorrowersKim, Meeroo; Oh, Yoon Hae
2021 An Unsuccessful Reform on the Local Public Contracts Law in KoreaHwang, Sundoo
2021 Measuring the Degree of Integration into the Global Production Network by the Decomposition of Gross Output and Imports: Korea 1970-2018Kim, Dongseok
2021 Learning-to-export Effect as a Response to Export Opportunities: Micro-evidence from Korean ManufacturingHahn, Chin Hee; Choi, Yong-Seok
2021 Public Opinions on Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation: A Survey AnalysisJung, Seung-Ho; Cho, Yong-Shin
2021 Social Welfare Analysis of Policy-based Finance with Support for Corporate Loan InterestNam, Changwoo
2020 Finding Loopholes in Sanctions: Effects of Sanctions on North Korea’s Refined Oil PricesKim, Kyoochul
2020 Immigration to Korea: A Fiscal Boon or Burden?Hur, Jinwook
2020 Financial Development and Economic Growth in KoreaHwang, Sunjoo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 111
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