Briefing Paper, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)

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2020 How Germany and France could play a leading role in international donor coordinationKaplan, Lennart
2020 Development cooperation with conflict-affected MENA countries: Refocussing on the social contractFurness, Mark; Houdret, Annabelle
2020 The Treaty of Aachen of 2019: Opportunities to strengthen Franco-German cooperation on sustainable developmentKrüger, Laura-Theresa; Vaillé, Julie
2020 Revenue collection and social policies: Their underestimated contribution to social cohesionBurchi, Francesco; Strupat, Christoph; von Schiller, Armin
2020 The behavioural lens: Taking a behavioural vantage point to improve the success of development programmesKaplan, Lennart; Kuhn, Sascha; Kuhnt, Jana
2020 Le contrat social: Un outil d'analyse pour les pays de la région Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord (MENA), et au-delàLoewe, Markus; Trautner, Bernhard; Zintl, Tina
2019 How Brexit affects Least Developed CountriesOlekseyuk, Zoryana; Rodarte, Israel Osorio
2019 Towards a borderless Africa? Regional organisations and free movement of persons in West and North-East AfricaDick, Eva; Schraven, Benjamin
2019 Potential of blockchain technology for trade integration of developing countriesSchwab, Jakob; Ohnesorge, Jan
2019 Investment facilitation for development: a new route to global investment governanceBerger, Axel; Gsell, Sebastian; Olekseyuk, Zoryana
2019 Governing digital trade – a new role for the WTOCheng, Wallace; Brandi, Clara
2019 With or without you: how the G20 could advance global action towards climate-friendly sustainable developmentBauer, Steffen; Berger, Axel; Iacobuta, Gabriela
2019 Dismantling the myth of the growth-inequality trade-offNegre, Mario; Cuesta, José; Revenga, Ana; Morley, Prescott J.
2019 Populism: consequences for global sustainable developmentMarschall, Paul; Klingebiel, Stephan
2019 Why writing a new constitution after conflict can contribute to peaceFiedler, Charlotte
2019 Human mobility in the context of climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa: trends and basic recommendations for development cooperationSchraven, Benjamin; Adaawen, Stephen; Rademacher-Schulz, Christina; Segadl, Nadine
2019 Financing for development and domestic revenue mobilisation: More international reforms are neededvon Haldenwang, Christian; Laudage, Sabine
2019 Supporting or thwarting? The influence of European Union migration policies on African free movement regimes in West and North-Eastern AfricaCastillejo, Clare; Dick, Eva; Schraven, Benjamin
2019 Social cohesion and economic development: Unpacking the relationshipSommer, Christoph
2019 How can an international framework for investment facilitation contribute to sustainable development?Berger, Axel; Gsell, Sebastian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 300
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