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[Editor:] Tipurić, Darko [Editor:] Hruška, Domagoj [Title:] 7th International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship: Embracing Diversity in Organisations. April 5th - 6th, 2019, Dubrovnik, Croatia [Publisher:] Governance Research and Development Centre (CIRU) [Place:] Zagreb [Year:] 2019 [Pages:] 356-369
Governance Research and Development Centre (CIRU), Zagreb
Back in early 1990's developed countries have started to use systematic stimulations of their economies technological development, which resulted in issuance of variety of national, regional and sectorial tailor made methodologies and approaches. Nevertheless, none of these are yet suitable for universal application on countries different national innovation ecosystems. This appears particularly evident and vague when the larger agglomeration of countries, such as the European Union, is in question. The uncertainty and inappropriateness get even more accentuated in case of supporting the articulated European strategy towards the digital economy, which is the creation of the Digital Single Market. To tackle this ambitious challenge a number scholars and practitioners are attempting to address this challenge through designing and implementations of various theories of national innovation models. One of them is the Mission-oriented Innovation model which is designed to generate, produce and catalyse positive impacts on nations' economies development and growth. Thus, the aim of this paper is to explore a suitability of mission-oriented innovation model, as well as to evaluate whether it is appropriate to be efficiently applied in the case of Digital Single Market strategy. The results are showing that, although the mission-oriented innovation model use is effective in various cases, its practical implementation on Digital Single Market case may not represent the best choice
national innovation systems
mission-oriented innovation
technological development
strategic positioning
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Conference Paper

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