7th International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship: Embracing Diversity in Organisations, Dubrovnik, 2019

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2019 Resources and Destination Competitiveness Factors Important for Planning Sport Tourism SupplyNovak, Ivan
2019 Diversity- and Innovation Management in Complex Engineering OrganizationsSteuer-Dankert, Linda; Leicht-Scholten, Carmen
2019 Chess as a Powerful Eduacational Tool for Successful PeopleJankovic, Alojzije; Novak, Ivan
2019 Public-Private Partnerships in Post-Socialist Urban Governance: Comparative Institutional Change in Leipzig, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh CityNguyen Minh Doi
2019 Effects of the Corporate Governance Practices on the Executive CompensationIlchechen Coelho, Giselle Cilaine; Fontes Filho, Joaquim Rubens; Buchbinder, Felipe
2019 Temporal Anomalies in Budgetary Cost Control of Municipal CorporationsBačun, Dinko
2019 Corporate Boards in Start-Up Companies. From Monitoring to Mentoring with Expert Board MembersGramén, Ilkka; Kauranen, Ilkka
2019 Strategic Positioning Using Mission Oriented Innovation ModelNevistić, Krešimir; Vlačić, Ernest
2019 Entrepreneurial Culture and the Education System: The Case of Moroccan UniversitiesAmina, Asli; Zohri, Abdelaziz
2019 Industrial Performance in the European Union and Croatia: 1990-2016Sertić, Martina Basarac; Harc, Martina; Beg, Marija
2019 Fixed Internet Access Regulatory Framework and its Influence on Firm's Strategic Decision MakingBarun, Tereza
2019 Strategic Positioning of Emerging 5G Technology - Barriers and PerspectivesBabić, Ana; Vlačić, Ernest; Sokolić, Danijela
2019 The Impact of Continuity Outlook and Development Activities on Growth IntentionsJoensuu-Salo, Sanna; Viljamaa, Anmari; Varamäki, Elina
2019 Challenges and Possibilities of Sustainable Development in Regional Government UnitsDragičević, Daniel; Coner, Maja; Bukovinski, Daniel
2019 The Analysis of the Process of Building an Integrated Management SystemJurčević, Marija
2019 Model of Using the Exhaustive Search Algorithm in Solving of Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) on the Example of the Transport Network Optimization of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (PGC)Vukmirović, Slavomir; Čapko, Zvonko; Babić, Ana
2019 Individual Entrepreneurship in the Context of Diversity and Flexibility of WorkplacesKulpa-Puczyńska, Aleksandra
2019 Competency Profile of Project Team Members – Interplay with Team Dynamics and Project SuccessJuras, Ana
2019 How Croatian Managers Negotiate: Investigating the Relationship Between Managers' Personal Characteristics and Negotiation TacticsVojvodić, Katija; Martinović, Marija; Pušić, Ana
2019 Leading Disruptive Changes in Creative IndustriesMilosev, Dejana; Kostic-Stankovic, Milica; Knezevic, Ivana
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40