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ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, Kiel, Hamburg
We investigate the impact of empathy and impulsiveness on charitable giving using a real donation experiment. We confirm that greater empathy predicts greater charitable giving. Contrary to recent literature, however, we find a significant negative relationship between impulsiveness and donation behavior. Specifically, when financial resources are scarce, donations are more often made by decision-makers who are able to suppress an intuitively egoistic response.
Charitable Giving
Pro-Social Behavior
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Copyright statement: Please note this is a pre-review version of the article Who Gives? - The Roles of Empathy and Impulsiveness published in Scharf, Kimberley, and Mirco Tonin (eds.), The Economics of Philanthropy: Donations and Fundraising, pp. 49-62. © 2018 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, courtesy of the MIT Press.
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