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2022 Place attachment and preferences for landbased wind power: A discrete choice experimentDugstad, Anders; Grimsrud, Kristine M.; Kipperberg, Gorm; Lindhjem, Henrik; Navrud, Ståle
2021 Origin and residential influences on the first partnership choices of the children of immigrants in NorwayWiik, Kenneth Aarskaug; Holland, Jennifer A.
2021 School value-added and longterm student outcomesKirkebøen, Lars J.
2021 Time to spare and too much care: Congestion and overtreatment at the maternity wardBensnes, Simon
2021 Plausible futures for the Norwegian offshore energy sector: Business as usual, harvest or rebuild?Stoknes, Per Espen; Aslaksen, Iulie; Golüke, Ulrich; Randers, Jørgen; Garnåsjordet, Per Arild
2021 The empirical modelling of house prices and debt revisited: A policy-oriented perspectiveBoug, Pål; Hungnes, Håvard; Kurita, Takamitsu
2021 Empirical modelling of internal migration and commuting flows for economic regions in NorwayKornstad, Tom; Skjerpen, Terje; Stambøl, Lasse Sigbjørn
2021 Green technology policies versus carbon pricing: An intergenerational perspectiveRausch, Sebastian; Yonezawa, Hidemichi
2021 Alternatives to paying child benefit to the rich: Means testing or higher tax?Apps, Patricia; Rees, Ray; Thoresen, Thor Olav; Vattø, Trine Engh
2021 Endogenous preferences and environmental policyStorrøsten, Halvor Briseid
2021 The resource rent in Norwegian aquaculture 1984-2020: Calculations applying the National AccountsGreaker, Mads; Lindholt, Lars
2021 Welfare effects of tax policy change when there are choice restrictions on labour supplyJia, Zhiyang; Thoresen, Thor Olav
2021 Selection in surveysDutz, Deniz; Huitfeldt, Ingrid; Lacouture, Santiago; Mogstad, Magne; Torgovitsky, Alexander; Van Dijk, Winnie L.
2021 A wealth tax at workThoresen, Thor Olav; Ring, Marius A. K.; Nygård, Odd E.; Epland, Jon
2021 Internal labor markets: A worker flow approachHuitfeldt, Ingrid; Kostøl, Andreas Ravndal; Nimczik, Jan Sebastian; Weber, Andrea
2021 The road to a low emission society: Costs of interacting climate regulationsBye, Brita; Kaushal, Kevin R.; Rosnes, Orvika; Turner, Karen; Yonezawa, Hidemichi
2021 Marriage before children? First family formation among the children of immigrants in NorwayHolland, Jennifer A.; Wiik, Kenneth Aa.
2021 Family composition and transitions into long-term care services among the elderlySyse, Astri; Artamonova, Alyona; Thomas, Michael J.; Veenstra, Marijke
2021 Corporate taxes, investment and the self-financing rate: The effect of location decisions and exportsThomas von Brasch; Frankovic, Ivan; Tölö, Eero
2021 Didactic methods and small-group instruction for low-performing adolescents in mathematics: Results from a randomized controlled trialKirkebøen, Lars J.; Gunnes, Trude; Lindenskov, Lena; Rønning, Marte
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 971