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Shishikura, Manabu
Kasuga, Norihiro
Nakamura, Akihiro
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The 22nd Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunications Society: "Beyond the boundaries: Challenges for business, policy and society", June 24th - 27th, 2018, Seoul, Korea
In this paper, we measure users' disutility from advertisements accompanying movies supplied by media based on the results gathered through our own survey questionnaire. First, we confirmed the importance of measuring the disutility of advertisements based on the theoretical economic model developed from previous research. Through this work, we explicitly show the following: The advertisement volume supplied by media does not necessarily coincide with the socially optimal ad volume because media do not fully consider disutility from advertising. The equilibrium in ad volume is different depending on the supply method. Whether the volume of ads becomes too small or excessive will change depending on the magnitude of their disutility. Subsequently, we measure the extent to which users intend to pay for ad avoidance based on our original data. As a result, we evaluate disutility on a monetary basis, showing that disutility differs depending on the type of ad.
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Conference Paper
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