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2023Debunking "Fake News" on Social Media: Short-Term and Longer-Term Effects of Fact Checking and Media Literacy InterventionsBerger, Lara Marie; Kerkhof, Anna; Mindl, Felix; Münster, Johannes
2023Occupations Shape Retirement across CountriesSauré, Philip; Seibold, Arthur; Smorodenkova, Elizaveta; Zoabi, Hosny
2023Scarcity and Consumption PrioritiesDahan, Momi; Sayag, Doron
2023Gender Stereotypes in User-Generated ContentKerkhof, Anna; Reich, Valentin
2023Financial Literacy, Experimental Preference Measures and Field Behavior – A Randomized Educational InterventionSutter, Matthias; Weyland, Michael; Untertrifaller, Anna; Froitzheim, Manuel; Schneider, Sebastian O.
2023ROC and PRC Approaches to Evaluate Recession ForecastsLahiri, Kajal; Yang, Cheng
2023The Many Channels of Firm's Adjustment to Energy Shocks: Evidence from FranceFontagné, Lionel; Martin, Philippe; Orefice, Gianluca
2023The Effects of Monetary Policy: Theory with Measured ExpectationsRoth, Christopher; Wiederholt, Mirko; Wohlfart, Johannes
2023Who Does the Talking Here? The Impact of Gender Composition on Team InteractionsHardt, David; Mayer, Lea; Rincke, Johannes
2023The Contribution of Short-Cycle Programs to Student Outcomes: Evidence from ColombiaDinarte-Diaz, Lelys; Ferreyra, Maria Marta; Melguizo, Tatiana; Sanchez, Angelica
2023Intrinsic Preferences for AutonomyFreundt, Jana; Herz, Holger; Kopp, Leander
2023Immigration and Nationalism in the Long RunLang, Valentin; Schneider, Stephan A.
2023Testing for Differences in Survey-Based Density Expectations: A Compositional Data ApproachDovern, Jonas; Glas, Alexander; Kenny, Geoff
2023The Devil You Know: Rational Inattention to Discrete Choices when Prior Information MattersPellegrino, Bruno
2023Incentive and Signaling Effects of Bonus Payments: An Experiment in a CompanyDeversi, Marvin; Spantig, Lisa
2023Fair Earnings Tax ReformsOoghe, Erwin; Schokkaert, Erik; Serruys, Hannes
2023Product Differentiation and Oligopoly: A Network ApproachPellegrino, Bruno
2023Loss Aversion and Tax Evasion: Theory and EvidenceDhami, Sanjit; Hajimoladarvish, Narges; Mamidi, Pavan
2023Financial Integration and Economic Growth in EuropeCaporale, Guglielmo Maria; Sova, Anamaria Diana; Sova, Robert
2023When Women's Work Disappears: Marriage and Fertility Decisions in PeruMansour, Hani; Medina, Pamela; Velásquez, Andrea
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 10451
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