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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Using management by objectives as a performance appraisal tool for employee satisfactionIslami, Xhavit; Mulolli, Enis; Mustafa, Naim
2018 New Deterministic Solution to a chance constrained linear programming model with Weibull Random CoefficientsIsmail, Maha; El-Hefnawy, Ali; Saad, Abd El-Naser
2018 Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: An empirical analysis of Indian banksMaqbool, Shafat; Zameer, M. Nasir
2018 A conceptual framework for technology-enabled and technology-dependent user behavior toward device mesh and mesh appHsiao, Ming-Hsiung
2018 The effect of fiscal and monetary policies interaction on stock market performance: Evidence from NigeriaLawal, Adedoyin Isola; Somoye, Russell Olukayode; Babajide, Abiola; Ikechukwu Nwanji, Tony
2018 Insurance market penetration and economic growth in Eurozone countries: Time series evidence on causalityDash, Saurav; Pradhan, Rudra Prakash; Maradana, Rana Pratap; Gaurav, Kunal; Zaki, Danish B.; Jayakumar, Manju
2018 Board independence and firm performance: Evidence from BangladeshRashid, Afzalur
2018 Does the effect of power distance moderate the relation between person environment fit and job satisfaction leading to job performance? Evidence from Afghanistan and PakistanGul, Habib; Usman, Muhammad; Liu, Yuxin; Rehman, Zahid; Jebran, Khalil
2018 Does managerial behavior of managing earnings mitigate the relationship between corporate governance and firm value? Evidence from an emerging marketNazir, Mian Sajid; Afza, Talat
2018 Banker directors and firm performance: Are family firms different?Ghosh, Saibal
2018 Balance of payment constrained economic growth in Nigeria: How useful is the Thirlwall's hypothesis?Fasanya, Ismail Olaleke; Olayemi, Ismail A.
2017 Import substitution industrialisation and economic growth: Evidence from the group of BRICS countriesAdewale, Aregbeshola R.
2017 Analyzing determinants influencing an individual's intention to use social commerce websiteLal, Prerna
2017 Strategic management accounting and decision making: A survey of the Nigerian BanksOboh, Collins S.; Ajibolade, Solabomi Omobola
2017 Efficiency and stability: A comparative study between islamic and conventional banks in GCC countriesDulal Miah, Md.; Uddin, Helal
2017 The relationship between tourism, financial development and economic growth in IndiaOhlan, Ramphul
2017 Ownership concentration and bank profitabilityOzili, Peterson Kitakogelu; Uadiale, Olayinka
2017 A new marketing mix model to rescue the hospitality industry: Evidence from Egypt after the Arab SpringSalman, Doaa; Tawfik, Yasser; Samy, Mohamed; Artal Tur, Andrés
2017 Effect of interest rate on bank deposits: Evidences from Islamic and non-Islamic economiesMushtaq, Saba; Siddiqui, Danish Ahmed
2017 Assessing the domestic and foreign Islamic banks efficiency: Insights from selected Southeast Asian countriesFakarudin Kamarudin; Fadzlan Sufian; Foong Wei Loong; Anwar, Nazratul Aina Mohamad
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42