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2018 The effect of fiscal and monetary policies interaction on stock market performance: Evidence from NigeriaLawal, Adedoyin Isola; Somoye, Russell Olukayode; Babajide, Abiola; Ikechukwu Nwanji, Tony
2018 Balance of payment constrained economic growth in Nigeria: How useful is the Thirlwall's hypothesis?Fasanya, Ismail Olaleke; Olayemi, Ismail A.
2018 Using management by objectives as a performance appraisal tool for employee satisfactionIslami, Xhavit; Mulolli, Enis; Mustafa, Naim
2018 New Deterministic Solution to a chance constrained linear programming model with Weibull Random CoefficientsIsmail, Maha; El-Hefnawy, Ali; Saad, Abd El-Naser
2018 Insurance market penetration and economic growth in Eurozone countries: Time series evidence on causalityDash, Saurav; Pradhan, Rudra Prakash; Maradana, Rana Pratap; Gaurav, Kunal; Zaki, Danish B.; Jayakumar, Manju
2018 Banker directors and firm performance: Are family firms different?Ghosh, Saibal
2018 Does managerial behavior of managing earnings mitigate the relationship between corporate governance and firm value? Evidence from an emerging marketNazir, Mian Sajid; Afza, Talat
2018 Does the effect of power distance moderate the relation between person environment fit and job satisfaction leading to job performance? Evidence from Afghanistan and PakistanGul, Habib; Usman, Muhammad; Liu, Yuxin; Rehman, Zahid; Jebran, Khalil
2018 A conceptual framework for technology-enabled and technology-dependent user behavior toward device mesh and mesh appHsiao, Ming-Hsiung
2018 Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: An empirical analysis of Indian banksMaqbool, Shafat; Zameer, M. Nasir
2018 Board independence and firm performance: Evidence from BangladeshRashid, Afzalur
2017 Firm-specific, and institutional determinants of corporate investments in NigeriaAjide, Folorunsho M.
2017 A new marketing mix model to rescue the hospitality industry: Evidence from Egypt after the Arab SpringSalman, Doaa; Tawfik, Yasser; Samy, Mohamed; Artal Tur, Andrés
2017 Assessing the domestic and foreign Islamic banks efficiency: Insights from selected Southeast Asian countriesFakarudin Kamarudin; Fadzlan Sufian; Foong Wei Loong; Anwar, Nazratul Aina Mohamad
2017 Inter and intra organizational negotiation during economic recession: An essay on the promotion of cooperationSoliman, Cherine; Antheaume, Nicolas
2017 Ownership concentration and bank profitabilityOzili, Peterson Kitakogelu; Uadiale, Olayinka
2017 Import substitution industrialisation and economic growth: Evidence from the group of BRICS countriesAdewale, Aregbeshola R.
2017 Efficiency and stability: A comparative study between islamic and conventional banks in GCC countriesDulal Miah, Md.; Uddin, Helal
2017 Islamic and conventional equity index co-movement and volatility transmission: Evidence from PakistanJebran, Khalil; Chen, Shihua; Tauni, Muhammad Zubair
2017 Analyzing determinants influencing an individual's intention to use social commerce websiteLal, Prerna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42