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Qazi, Usama
Jahanzaib, Mirza
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[Journal:] Energy Reports [ISSN:] 2352-4847 [Volume:] 4 [Year:] 2018 [Pages:] 376-392
To achieve sustainable power sector in Pakistan, several reforms were introduced in last two decades. These reforms included structural transformations, institutional developments and policy advancements. Despite these reform efforts, the performance of overall power sector remained unsatisfactory and ended up in severe crisis. Currently, power sector is confronted with extended blackouts, high tariffs and deteriorated quality of service. To identify the causes of crisis, this article first reviewed the power sector reforms. Secondly, it reviewed the performance of electricity generation, transmission and distribution sectors comprehensively by employing several technical and administrative sectoral variables. Results revealed that biased and undue policy provisions, affected the performance of electricity generation sector. Whereas, poorly planned institutional transformations resulted in deficient performance of distribution sector. In transmission sector the appropriate institutional developments resulted in satisfactory performance of transmission sector. It has been further explored that, for the development of sustainable power sector, electricity generation and distribution sector need serious attention whereas transmission sector only require continuity in its performance enhancement. An integrated sectoral framework is also proposed which provide comprehensive performance enhancement plans for each sector. The proposed framework provides a roadmap for the development of sustainable power sector in Pakistan.
Performance review
Sustainable power sector
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