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2018 Modeling, simulation and performance analysis of solar PV array configurations (Series, Series-Parallel and Honey-Comb) to extract maximum power under Partial Shading ConditionsPendem, Suneel Raju; Mikkili, Suresh
2018 Multi-objective energy management in a micro-gridAghajani, Gholamreza; Ghadimi, Noradin
2018 A clear sky irradiation assessment using a modified Algerian solar atlas model in Adrar cityMarif, Y.; Chiba, Y.; Belhadj, M. M.; Zerrouki, M.; Benhammou, M.
2018 Soft computing based approach to evaluate the performance of solar PV module considering wind effect in laboratory conditionChandra, Subhash; Agrawal, Sanjay; Chauhan, D. S.
2018 Study of management strategy of energy resources in AlgeriaAbada, Zhour; Bouharkat, Malek
2018 Stability enhancement of a wind plant based on a DFIG and a PMSM: A Lyapunov approachBennouk, A.; Nejmi, A.; Ramzi, M.
2018 Greening existing buildings [GEB] strategiesLeung, Ben Chak-Man
2018 An integrated sectoral framework for the development of sustainable power sector in PakistanQazi, Usama; Jahanzaib, Mirza
2018 Barriers to implementation of smart grids and virtual power plant in sub-saharan region-focus BotswanaKumar V., Sampath; Prasad, Jagdish; Samikannu, Ravi
2018 Power systems big data analytics: An assessment of paradigm shift barriers and prospectsAkhavan-Hejazi, Hossein; Mohsenian-Rad, Hamed
2018 Electricity transmission formulations in multi-sector national planning models: An illustration using the KAPSARC energy modelMatar, Walid; Elshurafa, Amro M.
2018 The assessment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) demand reversibility in selected OECD countriesVarahrami, Vida; Haghighat, Mohammad Saeed
2018 Energy transfer of Jeffery-Hamel nanofluid flow between non-parallel walls using Maxwell-Garnetts (MG) and Brinkman modelsLi, Zhixiong; Ilyas Khan; Shafee, Ahmad; Tlili, I.; Asifa, T.
2018 Cold temperature performance of phase change material based battery thermal management systemsGhadbeigi, Leila; Day, Brandon; Lundgren, Kristina; Sparks, Taylor D.
2018 Performance assessment of an integrated solar combined cycle in the southern of AlgeriaAchour, Lazhar; Bouharkat, Malek; Behar, Omar
2018 Stability of the current characteristics of dye-sensitized solar cells in the second quadrant of the current-voltage characteristicsIwata, Shiro; Shibakawa, Shin-ichiro; Imawaka, Naoto; Yoshino, Katsumi
2018 Identifying business opportunities for green innovations: A quantitative foundation for accelerated micro-fuel cell diffusion in residential buildingsvon Geibler, Justus; Bienge, Katrin; Schüwer, Dietmar; Berthold, O.; Dauensteiner, A.; Grinewitschus, V.; Hoffmann, D.; Renner, W.; Ostermeyer, Y.
2018 Interconnected ZrO2 doped ZnO/TiO2 network photoanode for dye-sensitized solar cellsHussein, Abdulmenan M.; Iefanova, Anastasiia V.; Koodali, Ranjit T.; Logue, Brian A.; Shende, Rajesh V.
2018 Enhancing PV modules efficiency and power output using multi-concept cooling techniqueIdoko, Linus; Anaya-Lara, Olimpo; McDonald, Alasdair
2018 Exergy and economic analyses of replacing feedwater heaters in a Rankine cycle with parabolic trough collectorsMohammadi, Amin; Ahmadi, Mohammad Hossein; Bidi, Mokhtar; Ghazvini, Mahyar; Ming, Tingzhen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 121