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2020 Air conditioner consumption optimization in an office building considering user comfortKhorram, Mahsa; Faria, Pedro; Abrishambaf, Omid; Vale, Zita
2020 Combining real-time and fixed tariffs in the demand response aggregation and remunerationSilva, Cátia; Faria, Pedro; Vale, Zita
2020 ICEER2019Aveiro: Energy and environment - challenges towards circular economyCaetano, Nídia S.; Borrego, Carlos; Nunes, Maria Isabel; Felgueiras, Carlos
2020 A MILP algorithm for the optimal sizing of an off-grid hybrid renewable energy system in South TyrolAlberizzi, Jacopo C.; Rossi, Mosè; Renzi, Massimiliano
2020 An analysis on the current situation of energy development and its environmental problems in Yulin CityZhai, Xiaowei; Cheng, Zhuo; Chang, Shaohai; Ai, Xiaofei; Zhang, Xiongzhe
2020 Influence of economic factors on the environment in countries with different levels of developmentFilimonova, I. V.; Provornaya, I. V.; Komarova, A. V.; Zemnukhova, E. A.; Mishenin, M. V.
2020 Instruments of energy subsidy reforms in Arab countries: The case of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countriesAl-Saidi, Mohammad
2020 Life cycle assessment of a renewable energy generation system with a vanadium redox flow battery in a NZEB householdGouveia, J. R.; Silva, E.; Mata, T. M.; Mendes, A.; Caetano, N. S.; Martins, A. A.
2020 Evaluation of Areca palm renewable options to replace disposable plastic containers using life cycle assessment methodologyGautam, Anirudh; Mata, Teresa M.; Martins, António A.; Caetano, Nídia S.
2020 Life cycle assessment of a vanadium flow batteryGouveia, J.; Mendes, A.; Monteiro, R.; Mata, T. M.; Caetano, N. S.; Martins, A. A.
2020 Catalytic bi-reforming of methane for carbon dioxide ennoblementCunha, A. F.; Mata, T. M.; Caetano, N. S.; Martins, A. A.; Loureiro, J. M.
2020 Analysis of regional economic metabolism through modelingSilva, Afonso; Augusto, Bruno; Rafael, Sandra; Reis, Johnny; Lopes, Myriam; Costa, Sérgio; Borrego, Carlos
2020 Tidal-stream power assessment: A novel modelling approachFlores Mateos, L. M.; Hartnett, M.
2020 Performance analysis of rooftop greenery systems in Australian subtropical climateAnwar, M.; Rasul, M. G.; Khan, M. M. K.
2020 The reality of spatial plans is delaying the growth of sustainable buildingsFontão, Eunice
2020 Development of a semi-analytical model to select a suitable airfoil section for blades of horizontal axis hydrokinetic turbineGupta, Mahendra Kumar; Subbarao, P. M. V.
2020 Enhancing carbohydrate productivity from Nannochloropsis gaditana for bio-butanol productionOnay, Melih
2020 Modeling the forecasted power of a photovoltaic generator using numerical weather prediction and radiative transfer models coupled with a behavioral electrical modelRazagui, A.; Abdeladim, K.; Semaoui, S.; Hadj Arab, A.; Boulahchiche, S.
2020 Investigation of biomass productivity from Nannochloropsis gaditana via response surface methodology using MATLABOnay, Aytun
2020 Enzymatic hydrolysis of cassava stems for butanol production of isolated Clostridium sp.Saekhow, B.; Chookamlang, S.; Na-u-dom, A.; Leksawasdi, N.; Sanguanchaipaiwong, V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 747