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Prakash, Om
Kumar, Anil
Laguri, Vinod
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[Journal:] Energy Reports [ISSN:] 2352-4847 [Volume:] 2 [Year:] 2016 [Pages:] 155-162
In this attempt, the main goal is to do annual performance, environomical analysis, energy analysis and exergy analysis of the modified greenhouse dryer (MGD) operating under active mode (AM) and passive mode (PM). Thermal storage is being applied on the ground of MGD. It is applied in three different ways namely barren floor, floor covered with black PVC sheet (PVC) and Black Coated. Experimental study of dryers in no-load conditions reveals that floor covered with a black PVC sheet is more conducive for drying purpose than other floors. The MGD under AM is found to be more effective as compared to PM for tomato and capsicum, which are high moisture content crops. For medium moisture content crop (potato chips), both dryers show relatively similar drying performance. Crops dried inside the greenhouse dryer are found to be more nutrient than open sun dried crops. The payback period of the modified greenhouse dryer under passive mode is found to be 1.11 years. However, for the active mode of the modified greenhouse dryer is only 1.89 years. The embodied energy of the passive mode of the dryer is a 480.277 kWh and 628.73 kWh for the active mode of the dryer. The CO2 emissions per annum for passive and active mode greenhouse dryers are found to be 13.45 kg and 17.6 kg respectively. The energy payback time, carbon mitigation and carbon credit have been calculated based type of crop dried. The range of exergy efficiency is 29%-86% in MGD under PM and 30%-78% in the MGD under AM. The variation of Heat utilization factor (HUF) for MGD under PM is 0.12-0.38 and 0.26-0.53 for MGD under AM. The range of co-efficient of performances (COP) for MGD under PM is 0.55-0.87 and 0.58-0.73 for MGD under AM.
Active mode
Modified greenhouse dryer
Passive mode
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