Energy Reports, Elsevier

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2020 ICEER2019Aveiro: Energy and environment - challenges towards circular economyCaetano, Nídia S.; Borrego, Carlos; Nunes, Maria Isabel; Felgueiras, Carlos
2020 A MILP algorithm for the optimal sizing of an off-grid hybrid renewable energy system in South TyrolAlberizzi, Jacopo C.; Rossi, Mosè; Renzi, Massimiliano
2020 An analysis on the current situation of energy development and its environmental problems in Yulin CityZhai, Xiaowei; Cheng, Zhuo; Chang, Shaohai; Ai, Xiaofei; Zhang, Xiongzhe
2020 Influence of economic factors on the environment in countries with different levels of developmentFilimonova, I. V.; Provornaya, I. V.; Komarova, A. V.; Zemnukhova, E. A.; Mishenin, M. V.
2020 What do people think about electric vehicles? An initial study of the opinions of car purchasers in PolandBienias, K.; Kowalska-Pyzalska, A.; Ramsey, David
2020 The optimal management of the prosumer's resources via stochastic programmingBeraldi, Patrizia; Violi, Antonio; Carrozzino, Gianluca
2020 A probabilistically constrained extension of the integrated portfolio investment modelOndra, Matthias; Hilscher, Christoph
2020 Performance evaluation of latent heat TES system-case study: Dimensions improvements of annular fins exchangerEl Maazouzi, Zakaria; El Alami, M.; Agalit, H.; Bennouna, E. G.
2020 Towards performance assessment of fuel cell integration into buildingsBoulmrharj, Sofia; Khaidar, Mohammed; Siniti, Mustapha; Bakhouya, Mohamed; Zine-dine, Khalid
2020 Statistical and economic analysis of solar radiation and climatic data for the development of solar PV system in NigeriaAbdulkarim, H. T.; Sansom, C. L.; Patchigolla, K.; King, P.
2020 Experimental investigation of soiling impact on grid connected PV powerSemaoui, S.; Abdeladim, K.; Taghezouit, B.; Arab, A. Hadj; Razagui, A.; Bacha, S.; Boulahchiche, S.; Bouacha, S.; Gherbi, A.
2020 Updating Algerian solar atlas using MEERA-2 data sourceAbdeladim, Kamel; Razagui, Abdelhak; Semaoui, Smail; Hadj Arab, Amar
2020 Performance of a hydrokinetic turbine using a theoretical approachHazim, S.; El Ouatouati, A.; Janan, M. Taha; Ghennioui, A.
2020 Dimension effects in the relationship between eco-innovation and firm performance: A European comparisonMadaleno, M.; Robaina, M.; Dias, Marta Ferreira; Meireles, M.
2020 Multiscale integrated analysis of societal and ecosystem metabolism of QatarAl-Tamimi, Abdulrahman; Al-Ghamdi, Sami G.
2020 The identification of osmoprotectant compounds from Jatropha curcas Linn. plant for natural drought stress toleranceWinaya, Aris; Maftuchah; Zainudin, Agus
2020 Analysis of multi-source energy system for small-scale domestic applications: Integration of biodiesel, solar and wind energyAlgieri, A.; Morrone, P.; Perrone, D.; Bova, S.; Castiglione, T.
2020 Green tax reforms with promotion of renewable energy sources and carbon capture and sequestration: Comparison of different alternativesSilva, Susana; Soares, Isabel; Pinho, Carlos
2020 Influence of urban canopy green coverage and future climate change scenarios on energy consumption of new sub-urban residential developments using coupled simulation techniques: A case study in Alexandria, EgyptFahmy, M.; Mahdy, M.; Mahmoud, S.; Abdelalim, M.; Ezzeldin, S.; Attia, S.
2020 Investigation of the effectiveness of online learning tools for energy performance certificates preparationLage-Cal, S.; Folgueras-Díaz, M. B.; Alonso-Hidalgo, M.; García-Menéndez, D.; Fernández-García, F. J.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 747