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2018 Interconnected ZrO2 doped ZnO/TiO2 network photoanode for dye-sensitized solar cellsHussein, Abdulmenan M.; Iefanova, Anastasiia V.; Koodali, Ranjit T.; Logue, Brian A.; Shende, Rajesh V.
2018 Green science: Decoding dark photon structure to produce clean energyHossain, Md. Faruque
2018 Enhancing PV modules efficiency and power output using multi-concept cooling techniqueIdoko, Linus; Anaya-Lara, Olimpo; McDonald, Alasdair
2018 Exergy and economic analyses of replacing feedwater heaters in a Rankine cycle with parabolic trough collectorsMohammadi, Amin; Ahmadi, Mohammad Hossein; Bidi, Mokhtar; Ghazvini, Mahyar; Ming, Tingzhen
2018 Agricultural energy demand modeling in Iran: Approaching to a more sustainable situationFarajian, Leila; Moghaddasi, Reza; Hosseini, Safdar
2018 Photovoltaic system with quantitative comparative between an improved MPPT and existing INC and P&O methods under fast varying of solar irradiationMotahhir, Saad; El Hammoumi, Aboubakr; El Ghzizal, Abdelaziz
2018 Evaluation of durability of composite materials applied to renewable marine energy: Case of ducted tidal turbineNachtane, M.; Tarfaoui, M.; Saifaoui, D.; El Moumen, A.; Hassoon, O. H.; Benyahia, H.
2018 Dilemma of direct rebound effect and climate change on residential electricity consumption in PakistanAlvi, Shahzad; Mahmood, Zafar; Nawaz, Shahzada M. Naeem
2018 Natural gas utilization in China: Development trends and prospectsZhongyuan, Wang; Dongkun, Luo; Liu, Linlin
2018 US interest rate spread and energy consumption by sector (evidence of pre and post implementation of the Fed's LSAPs policy)Ziaei, Sayyed Mahdi
2018 Maximum efficiency of wind energy using novel Dynamic Voltage Restorer for DFIG based Wind TurbineFalehi, Ali Darvish; Rafiee, Mansour
2018 Spectrophotometric and conductometric studies of molecular interaction of brilliant cresyl blue with cationic, anionic and non-ionic surfactant in aqueous medium for application in photogalvanic cells for solar energy conversion and storageMall, Chandrakanta; Solanki, Prem Prakash
2018 Effectiveness of using deep eutectic solvents as an alternative to conventional solvents in enzymatic biodiesel production from waste oilsMerza, Fatima; Fawzy, Aya; AlNashef, Inas; Al-Zuhair, Sulaiman; Taher, Hanifa
2018 Global solar radiation on tilted surfaces in Tunisia: Measurement, estimation and gained energy assessmentsOthman, A. Ben; Belkilani, K.; Besbes, M.
2018 Anti-reflective structures for photovoltaics: Numerical and experimental designChee, Kuan W. A.; Tang, Ziqiang; Lü, Hong; Huang, Feng
2018 Fish distributions in a tidal channel indicate the behavioural impact of a marine renewable energy installationFraser, Shaun; Williamson, Benjamin J.; Nikora, Vladimir; Scott, Beth E.
2018 An indirect heating solution to reduce CO2 emission and improve efficiency of gas distribution networksRomocki, Stefan; Zarkesh, Jamshid; Melloy, Henry; Cheung, Ivan; Le Fouest, Sébastien
2017 Open data in power grid modelling: New approaches towards transparent grid modelsMedjroubi, Wided; Müller, Ulf Philipp; Scharf, Malte; Matke, Carsten; Kleinhans, David
2017 Energy and cost savings potential of oscillating heat pipes for waste heat recovery ventilationMahajan, Govinda; Thompson, Scott M.; Cho, Heejin
2017 Assessment on the energy flow and carbon emissions of integrated steelmaking plantsHe, Huachun; Guan, Hongjun; Zhu, Xiang; Lee, Haiyu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 121