China Journal of Accounting Research. The journal of the Sun Yat-sen University, Elsevier

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Stock index adjustments, analyst coverage and institutional holdings: Evidence from ChinaZhu, Song; Jiang, Xiaoyu; Ke, Xiaoli; Bai, Xiaoyu
2017 Geographical relationships and CEO compensation contractsYu, Junli; Xu, Wei; Zhang, Ping
2016 Earnings management, corporate governance and expense stickinessXue, Shuang; Hong, Yun
2016 Can media exposure improve stock price efficiency in China and why?Kim, Jeong-Bon; Yu, Zhongbo; Zhang, Hao
2016 Do business groups affect corporate cash holdings? Evidence from a transition economyCai, Weixing; Zeng, Cheng; Lee, Edward; Ozkan, Neslihan
2016 Female CFOs and loan contracting: Financial conservatism or gender discrimination? : an empirical test based on collateral clausesXu, Xixiong; Li, Yaoqin; Chang, Mengmeng
2016 Government governance, executive networks and enterprise R&D expenditureJin, Xin; Lei, Guangyong; Yu, Junli
2016 Re-examination of the effect of ownership structure on financial reporting: Evidence from share pledges in ChinaHuang, Zhizhong; Xue, Qingmei
2016 Executive compensation in business groups: Evidence from ChinaCai, Guilong; Zheng, Guojian
2016 Does top executives' US experience matter? Evidence from US-listed Chinese firmsLi, Jingjing; Wei, Minghai; Lin, Bingxuan
2016 Are all investment decisions to subscribe to new stocks mindless? Investor heterogeneity and behavior in the process of subscribing to new stocksLi, Zhe; Wang, Fang; Dong, Xiaohong
2016 Bank equity connections, intellectual property protection and enterprise innovation: A bank ownership perspectiveLiu, Xing; Jiang, Shuiquan
2016 Troubled by unequal pay rather than low pay: The incentive effects of a top management team pay gapXu, Yue; Liu, Yunguo; Lobo, Gerald J.
2016 Religion and stock price crash risk: Evidence from ChinaLi, Wenfei; Cai, Guilong
2016 Income smoothing and the cost of debtLi, Si; Richie, Nivine
2016 Disclosure of government financial information and the cost of local government's debt financing: Empirical evidence from provincial investment bonds for urban constructionChen, Zhibin; Pan, Jun; Wang, Liangliang; Shen, Xiaofeng
2016 How does auditors' work stress affect audit quality? Empirical evidence from the Chinese stock marketYan, Huanmin; Xie, Shengwen
2016 Accounting information quality, governance efficiency and capital investment choiceZhai, Jinbu; Wang, Yutao
2015 Financial development and the cost of equity capital: Evidence from ChinaKim, Jeong-Bon; Ma, Mary L. Z.; Wang, Haiping
2015 Does EVA performance evaluation improve the value of cash holdings? Evidence from ChinaShen, Yongjian; Zou, Lei; Chen, Donghua
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 136