Foundations of Management: The Journal of Warsaw University of Technology, De Gruyter Open

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Digital innovations and smart solutions for society and economy: Pros and consSikorski, Marcin
2021 Quality gaps in higher education from the perspective of studentsGrudowski, Piotr; Szczepańska, Katarzyna
2021 Research method for management of thermoplastics production improvement in rubber industry with the use of 3D simulation modelingForrai, Sándor; Ludanyi, Balázs; Szabó, István Péter; Smagowicz, Justyna; Szwe, Cezary
2021 Strategic communication and competitive advantage: Assessing CEO letters of global airline alliancesSeo, Gang-Hoon; Itō, Munehiko; Li, Zhonghui
2021 Creating a new, sustainable mindset through responsible consumption: A case study of the international chain of sustainable restaurantsSeretny, Marek; Gaur, Deepika; Sobczyk, Katarzyna; Kaabou, Maya
2021 The importance of positive leadership in the process of change on the example of the banking sectorMorawski, Mieczysław; Jabłonowska-Luba, Lidia
2021 Innovation and leadership: A study of organizations based in the United Arab EmiratesAgarwal, Ruchi; Gupta, Babeet
2021 The use of digital technology platforms in the context of cybersecurity in the industrial sectorBartczak, Krzysztof
2021 Real time enterprise as a platform of support management systemsKisielnicki, Jerzy; Markowski, Marek Michal
2020 The process approach in the financial management of insurance firmsGąsiorkiewicz, Lech
2020 The total efficiency of teaching activity of Polish higher education institutionsBrzezicki, Łukasz; Pietrzak, Piotr; Cieciora, Małgorzata
2020 Assessing the utility of retailer based on generalized costs of end-consumersHalkin, Andrii
2020 Methodology of situational management of critical infrastructure securityWiśniewski, Michał
2020 A logistic process immaturity model proposalMárquez-Gutiérrez, Mateo; Carmona-Gonzalez, Guillermo; Castro-Zuluaga, Carlos
2020 Proactive planning of project team members' competencesSzwarc, Eryk; Wikarek, Jarosław
2020 A generalized logistic function and its applicationsRządkowski, Grzegorz; Sobczak, Lidia
2020 Factors influencing the purchase of energy-efficient appliances by young consumers in South AfricaFatoki, Olawale
2020 The relationship between cost system functionality, management accounting practices, and hospital performanceKludacz-Alessandri, Magdalena
2020 Technology-driven innovations in financial services: The rise of alternative financeGąsiorkiewicz, Lech; Monkiewicz, Jan; Monkiewicz, Marek
2020 General and specific: The impact of digital transformation on project processes and management methodsKozarkiewicz, Alina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 152