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2019 Emerging states at crossroadsTsunekawa, Keiichi; Todo, Yasuyuki
2019 Understanding risks and uncertainties in energy and climate policy: Multidisciplinary methods and tools for a low carbon societyDoukas, Haris; Flamos, Alexandros; Lieu, Jenny
2019 Leading in a VUCA world: Integrating leadership, discernment and spiritualityKok, Jacobus; Van den Heuvel, Steven C.
2019 Gestaltung sozialer Versorgung: Ein Planungs- und SteuerungsmodellStremlow, Jürgen; Riedweg, Werner; Bürgisser, Herbert
2019 Reality Lost: Markets of Attention, Misinformation and ManipulationHendricks, Vincent F.; Vestergaard, Mads
2019 Cost and revenue overruns of the Olympic Games 2000-2018Preuss, Holger; Andreff, Wladimir; Weitzmann, Maike
2019 Building a cashless society: The Swedish route to the future of cash paymentsArvidsson, Niklas
2019 Paths to the emerging state in Asia and AfricaOtsuka, Keijiro; Sugihara, Kaoru
2019 Developmental state building: The politics of emerging economyTakagi, Yusuke; Kanchoochat, Veerayooth; Sonobe, Tetsushi
2019 The Brownian motion: A rigorous but gentle introduction for economistsLöffler, Andreas; Kruschwitz, Lutz
2019 Deutschland ist das Land der Chancen: Berufsorientierungen junger Geflüchteter. Eine qualitative SINUS-StudieCalmbach, Marc; Edwards, James
2019 Hot property: The housing market in major citiesNijskens, Rob; Lohuis, Melanie; Hilbers, Paul L. C.; Heeringa, Willem
2019 Decision making under deep uncertainty: From theory to practiceMarchau, Vincent A. W. J.; Walker, E. Warren; Bloemen, Pieter J. T. M.; Popper, Steven W.
2019 Theorie und Ideengeschichte der Steuergerechtigkeit: Eine steuertheoretische, steuerrechtliche und politische BetrachtungSahm, Reiner
2019 The places where community is practiced: How store owners and their businesses build neighborhood social lifeSteigemann, Anna
2019 Development in turbulent times: The many faces of inequality within EuropeDobrescu, Paul
2019 Differential undercounts in the U.S. Census: Who is missed?O'Hare, William P.
2019 The Entrepreneurial Society: A Reform Strategy for the European UnionElert, Niklas; Henrekson, Magnus; Sanders, Mark
2019 Modelling our changing worldCastle, Jennifer; Hendry, David F.
2018 The economy as a complex spatial system: Macro, meso and micro perspectivesCommendatore, Pasquale; Kubin, Ingrid; Bougheas, Spiros P.; Kirman, Alan P.; Kopel, Michael; Bischi, Gian Italo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 109