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2022 QMDE: A quarterly empirical model for the Danish economy. A stock-flow consistent approachByrialsen, Mikael Randrup; Raza, Hamid; Valdecantos, Sebastian
2022 Structural change in the US Phillips curve, 1948-2021: The role of power and institutionsSetterfield, Mark; Blecker, Robert A.
2022 An evaluation of neo-Kaleckian supermultiplier and neo-Goodwinian models: Pseudo-goodwin cycles, external markets and pro-cyclical labour productivityFiebiger, Brett
2022 Theorizing varieties of capitalism: Economics and the fallacy that "There is no alternative (TINA)"Palley, Thomas I.
2022 Varieties of the rat race: Working hours in the age of abundanceBehringer, Jan; Gonzalez Granda, Martin; van Treeck, Till
2021 The economics of climate change: Green growth, zero- or de-growthPriewe, Jan
2021 Aggregate demand externalities, income distribution, and wealth inequalityPetach, Luke; Tavani, Daniele
2021 The network origins of aggregate fluctuations: A demand-side approachCitera, Emanuele; Gouri Suresh, Shyam; Setterfield, Mark
2021 How can green differentiated capital requirements affect climate risks? A dynamic macrofinancial analysisDafermos, Yannis; Nikolaidi, Maria
2021 The effect of borrower-specific loan-to-value policies on household debt, wealth inequality and consumption volatility: An agent-based analysisTarne, Ruben; Bezemer, Dirk Johan; Theobald, Thomas
2021 Bargaining power, structural change, and the falling U.S. labor shareCauvel, Michael; Pacitti, Aaron
2021 Pandemics and aggregate demand: A framework for policy analysisFlaschel, Peter; Galanis, Giorgos; Tavani, Daniele; Veneziani, Roberto
2021 Classical political economy and secular stagnationLuzuriaga, Manuel Cruz; Tavani, Daniele
2021 The post-Keynesian "crowding-in" policy meme: Government-led semi-autonomous demand growthFiebiger, Brett
2021 Effects of fiscal consolidation on income inequality: Narrative evidence from South AmericaCardoso, Dante; Carvalho, Laura
2021 Whatever happened to the "Goodwin pattern"?Setterfield, Mark
2021 Rethinking capacity utilization choice: The role of surrogate inventory and entry deterrencePalley, Thomas I.
2021 Do corporate tax cuts boost economic growth?Gechert, Sebastian; Heimberger, Philipp
2021 Do higher public debt levels reduce economic growth?Heimberger, Philipp
2020 Factor shares and the rise in corporate net lendingBehringer, Jan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 79