FMM Working Paper, Forum for Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM), Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK), Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 What's wrong with modern money theory (MMT): A critical primerPalley, Thomas I.
2019 Reconsidering the natural rate hypothesisJump, Robert Calvert; Stockhammer, Engelbert
2019 The Neo-Goodwinian model, reconsideredCauvel, Michael
2019 Welfare models and demand-led growth regimes before and after the financial and economic crisisHein, Eckhard; Paternesi Meloni, Walter; Tridico, Pasquale
2019 The corporate sector and the current accountBehringer, Jan; van Treeck, Till
2019 Harrodian instability in Kaleckian models and Steindlian solutionsHein, Eckhard
2019 Central bank independence: A rigged debate based on false politics and economicsPalley, Thomas I.
2019 The effects of gender inequality, wages, wealth concentration and fiscal policy on macroeconomic performanceOnaran, Özlem; Oyvat, Cem; Fotopoulou, Eurydice
2019 Death to the Cobb-Douglas production functionGechert, Sebastian; Havranek, Tomas; Irsova, Zuzana; Kolcunova, Dominika
2019 Inequality and stagnation by policy design: Mainstream denialism and its dengerous political consequencesPalley, Thomas I.
2019 Zur US Dollar Hegemonie: Ein Blick zurück - und in die ZukunftBibow, Jörg
2018 Germany in fundamental macroeconomic disequilibrium: The external surplusPriewe, Jan
2018 The economics of the super-multiplierPalley, Thomas I.
2018 Revisiting debt-led and export-led growth models: A sectoral balances approachBehringer, Jan; van Treeck, Till
2018 The fallacy of the natural rate of interest and zero lower bound economicsPalley, Thomas I.
2018 Making sense of Piketty's "fundamental laws" in a Post-Keynesian framework: The transitional dynamics of wealth inequalityEderer, Stefan; Rehm, Miriam
2018 The evolution of money debate: Functionalism versus chartalism, Schumpeterian dynamics, Gresham's fallacy, and how history constrains public financePalley, Thomas I.
2018 What went wrong with Italy, and what the country should now fight for in EuropeCesaratto, Sergio; Zezza, Gennaro
2018 Peripheral Europe beyond the Troika: Assessing the "success" of structural reforms in driving the Spanish recoveryCárdenas, Luis; Villanueva, Paloma; Álvarez, Ignacio; Uxó González, Jorge
2018 Structual change in times of increasing openness: Assessing path dependency in European economic integrationGräbner, Claudius; Heimberger, Philipp; Kapeller, Jakob; Schütz, Bernhard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51