FMM Working Paper, Forum for Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM), Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK), Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

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2018 Distribution, wealth and demand regimes in historical perspective. USA, UK, France and Germany, 1855-2010Stockhammer, Engelbert; Rabinovich, Joel; Reddy, Niall
2018 Demand-led growth and accommodating supplyFazzari, Steven; Ferri, Piero; Variato, AnnaMaria
2018 Re-theorizing the welfare state and the political economy of neoliberalism's war against itPalley, Thomas I.
2018 Further insights on endogenous money and the liquidity preference theory of interestLavoie, Marc; Reissl, Severin
2018 Distribution-led growth through methodological lensesNikiforos, Michaelis
2018 Could a national wage rule stabilize the current account and functional income distribution in the Euro area? A study on wages, profits, and prices in peripheral countriesLogeay, Camille; Joebges, Heike
2018 No one is alone: Strategic complementarities, capacity utilization, growth, and distributionTavani, Daniele; Petach, Luke
2018 Helicopter Ben, monetarism, the New Keynesian credit view and loanable fundsFiebinger, Brett; Lavoie, Marc
2018 Recovering Keynesian Phillips Curve Theory: Hysteresis of Ideas and the Natural Rate of UnemploymentPalley, Thomas
2018 Three globalizations, not two: Rethinking the history and economics of trade and globalizationPalley, Thomas I.
2018 Income shares, secular stagnation, and the long-run distribution of wealthPetach, Luke; Tavani, Daniele
2018 The role of autonomous demand growth in a neo-Kaleckian conflicting-claims frameworkNah, Won Jun; Lavoie, Marc
2018 Unemployment and Growth: Putting Unemployment into Post Keynesian Growth TheoryPalley, Thomas
2018 Financialisation and innovation in emerging economics: Evidence from BrazilJibril, Halima; Kaltenbrunner, Annina; Kesidou, Effi
2018 Short and medium term financial-real cycles: An empirical assessmentStockhammer, Engelbert; Jump, Robert Calvert; Kohler, Karsten; Cavallero, Julian
2018 Employment protection and labour market performance in European Union countries during the Great RecessionFerreiro, Jesus; Gómez, Carmen
2018 The "uncovered inflation rate parity" condition in a monetary unionAcocella, Nicola; Pasimeni, Paolo
2018 Government Spending and the Income-Expenditure Model: The Multiplier, Spending Composition, and Job Guarantee ProgramsPalley, Thomas
2017 On theories and estimation techniques of fiscal multipliersGechert, Sebastian
2017 The effect of income distribution and fiscal policy on growth, investment, and budget balance: the case of EuropeObst, Thomas; Onaran, Özlem; Nikolaidi, Maria
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31