6th International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship. New Business Models and Institutional Entrepreneurs: Leading Disruptive Change, Dubrovnik, 2018

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2018 A Conceptual Framework on Entrepreneurial Team Member Exits: A Starting Point for Further ResearchGregori, Patrick; Ukobitz, Desiree V.; Parastuty, Zulaicha
2018 A Model of Self-sustaining Automatic Corporate E-learning systemBačun, Dinko; Lebarović, Nives Bačun
2018 The Effects of Tourism as 'Spiritus Movens' of the Croatian EconomyVuković, Ante; Luković, Tihomir
2018 Cooperative Approaches in Waste ManagementPletikosić, Merica
2018 How Might Changes in Legislation Impact the Development of Entrepreneurship?Kunsek, Mojca; Djokic, Danila
2018 Coworking as a New Innovation Scenario from the Perspective of Mature OrganisationsJosef, Barbara; Back, Andrea
2018 Perspectives of SME Financing Through Capital Markets: the Case of CroatiaKovač, Jakov; Šesnić, Frane; Krišto, Jakša
2018 Evolving Crisis Management - Current Jobs and Required Employee’s Skills and Characteristics AnalysisLabaš, Davor; Pršir, Andrijana; Puškar, Julija
2018 The Utilization of Social Media Marketing in Destination Management OrganizationsBosio, Birgit; Haselwanter, Stefanie; Ceipek, Michael
2018 The Effect of Work-life Balance on Accounting EthicsBerk, Cem; Gundogmus, Fatih
2018 Analysis of the Logistics Service Provider/principal relationship: In the light of innovation as a LSP strategyBouchette, Hasna; Achoui, Mostafa; Saki, Zohra; Kabbaj, Smail
2018 Entrepreneurial Spirit of Students: Innate or AcquiredYoussef, El Alaoui Ismaili Moulay; Nafii, Ibnrissoul; Kamal, Abouljaouad
2018 Disruption Disrupted through the Meta-AnalysisVlačić, Ernest
2018 Competitiveness Through Consumer Loyalty: The Influence of Switching CostsMartinović, Marija
2018 The Interplay Between Leadership and Adverse Context: The Paradox ExplainedLacerda, Teresa C.
2018 Current Stage of Entrepreneurship Development in Russia From 2014 Up To 2017: Main Issues and TrendsSmirnov, Sergej; Cheberko, Eugeniy
2018 Entrepreneurial Learning From Exit: How Entrepreneurs Learn and Re-emerge StrongerLattacher, Wolfgang; Wdowiak, Malgorzata
2018 The CIO’s Balancing act, Leading Digital Change By Developing Social SkillsNeundlinger, Klaus; Vogel, Sascha; Rack, Simone; Gucher, Jeanny
2018 Comparative Analysis of Cross-Border M&AS in EU and Republic of Croatia in Period 2013 – 2017Tipurić, Darko; Filipović, Davor; Podrug, Najla
2018 Factors Influencing Worker’s Intention to Re-accept Seasonal EmploymentŠošić, Matea Matić; Bečić, Marija; Jasprica, Dasen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37