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2017 Managerial effort under asymmetric information: The case of public schools in BrazilAlmeida, Alessio Tony C.; Ramalho, Hilton M.B.; Araujo Junior, Ignacio T.
2017 The heterogeneity of the machine tool industry in BrazilGuerrero, Glaison Augusto; Dutra Fonseca, Pedro Cezar; Arend, Marcelo
2017 Impact of infrastructure expenses in strategic sectors for Brazilian povertyMarinho, Emerson; Campelo, Guaracyane; França, João; Araujo, Jair
2017 Understanding Robert Lucas (1967-1981): his influence and influencesAndrada, Alexandre F.S.
2017 The effect of technological intensity of exports on the economic growth of Brazilian microregions: A spatial analysis with panel dataRaiher, Augusta Pelinski; do Carmo, Alex Sander Souza; Stege, Alysson Luiz
2017 Revisiting the evolutionism of Edith Penrose’s The theory of the growth of the firm: Penrose’s entrepreneur meets Veblenian institutionsAlmeida, Felipe; Pessali, Huáscar
2017 ASEAN economic growth, trade openness and banking-sector depth: The nexusPradhan, Rudra P.; Arvin, Mak B.; Hall, John H.; Norman, Neville R.
2017 A signaling model of foreign direct investment attractionde C. Griebeler, Marcelo; Wagner, Elisa M.
2017 Decomposing Brazilian manufacturing industry dynamics in the mid-2000s: Macroeconomic factors and their sectoral impactsDomingues, Edson Paulo; Barreiro de Souza, Kênia; Souza Magalhães, Aline
2017 The incorporation of structural change into growth theory: A historical appraisalGabardo, Francisco Adilson; Pereima, João Basilio; Einloft, Pedro
2017 Revisiting the causal nexus between savings and economic growth in India: An empirical analysisPatra, Suresh Kumar; Murthy, Dogga Satyanarayana; Kuruva, Mahendra Babu; Mohanty, Avipsa
2017 Portfolio management using realized covariances: Evidence from BrazilCaldeira, João F.; Moura, Guilherme V.; Perlin, Marcelo S.; Santos, André A.P.
2017 The impact of remittances on economic growth: An econometric modelMeyer, Dietmar; Shera, Adela
2017 Public security in Brazil: Efficiency and technological gapsde Lima, Francisco Soares; Marinho, Emerson
2017 Industrial pricing in Brazil in the 2010s: The pass-through effectCâmara, Felipe; Feijo, Carmem
2017 Electoral impacts of uncovering public school quality: Evidence from Brazilian municipalitiesFirpo, Sergio; Pieri, Renan; Souza, André Portela
2016 An alternative model to the open-economy "new consensus" for the analysis of inflation targetingSumma, Ricardo
2016 Goodwin cycles and the BoPC growth paradigm: A macrodynamic model of growth and fluctuationsDávila-Fernández, Marwil J.; Libânio, Gilberto A.
2016 Real exchange rate, technological catching up and spillovers in a balance-of-payments constrained growth modelMissio, Fabricio J.; Gabriel, Luciano F.
2016 Effects of the taxation on inheritance in a microfounded model of growth and post-Keynesian distribution with overlapping generations and life cycleSugahara, Renato Nozaki; da Silva Bejarano Aragón, Edilean Kleber; da Cunha, Marina Silva; Perdigão, Claudia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 125