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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016An alternative model to the open-economy "new consensus" for the analysis of inflation targetingSumma, Ricardo
2016Goodwin cycles and the BoPC growth paradigm: A macrodynamic model of growth and fluctuationsDávila-Fernández, Marwil J.; Libânio, Gilberto A.
2016Real exchange rate, technological catching up and spillovers in a balance-of-payments constrained growth modelMissio, Fabricio J.; Gabriel, Luciano F.
2016Effects of the taxation on inheritance in a microfounded model of growth and post-Keynesian distribution with overlapping generations and life cycleSugahara, Renato Nozaki; da Silva Bejarano Aragón, Edilean Kleber; da Cunha, Marina Silva; Perdigão, Claudia
2016Income shares, wealth and growthFerri, Piero; Variato, Anna Maria
2016A neo-Kaleckian model of capital accumulation, income distribution and financial fragilityMarques Ribeiro, Rafael Saulo; Palludeto, Alex Wilhans Antonio
2016Corruption and optimal regulation under common agencyHemsley, Pedro
2016The health influence on returns to education in Brazil: A nonlinear approachRusso, Letícia Xander; Dias, Joilson
2016Multiple trends of tertiarization: A comparative input-output analysis of the service sector expansion between Brazil and United Statesde Souza, Kênia Barreiro; de Andrade Bastos, Suzana Quinet; Perobelli, Fernando Salgueiro
2016Remarks on Fenchel-Moreau conjugate in the setting of consumer theoryCunha, George H.M.; Oliveira, Michel A.C.; Oliveira, Michel A.C.; Sosa, Wilfredo