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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014An empirical study of the substitution of foreign for domestic savings in BrazilBresser-Pereira, Luiz Carlos; Araújo, Eliane; Gala, Paulo
2014Industrial determinants of anti-dumping in Brazil – Protection, competition and performance: An analysis with binary dependent variable and panel dataSampaio Oliveira, Glauco Avelino
2014Mr. Keynes and the neo-Schumpeterians: Contributions to the analysis of the determinants of innovation from a post-Keynesian perspectiveRomero, João P.
2014Input-Output Matrix study: A theoretical frame to study the impact of Brazilian IPI reduction in final demandSantana Borges, Rodrigo Emmanuel; Montibeler, Everlam Elias
2014Exogeneity tests for the Chinese and U.S. external balance: Empirical evidence of the connection and the subprime crisisde Lima Junior, Luiz Antônio; Vasconcelos, Cláudio Roberto Foffano; Corrêa, Wilson Luiz Rotatori; Filho, José Simão
2014Evidence of eligibility manipulation for conditional cash transfer programsFirpo, Sergio; Pieri, Renan; Pedroso, Euclides; Souza, André Portela
2014The relationship between school performance and future wages in BrazilCuri, Andréa Zaitune; Menezes-Filho, Naercio
2014Lyapunov stability in an evolutionary game theory model of the labour marketAraujo, Ricardo Azevedo; Moreira, Helmar Nunes
2014Effect of racial segregation on proficiency of Brazilian elementary school studentsValladão Flores, Roberto Manolio; Dácar da Silva Scorzafave, Luiz Guilherme
2014The Zipf's law and the effects of free trade: The case of GuatemalaOrellana Aragón, Jorge Alberto; dos Santos Queiroz, Vívian