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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Short run and long run in trade models: A noteRodrigues, Mauro
2013A brief analysis of aggregate measures as an alternative to the median at Central Bank of Brazil's Survey of Professional Forecastsde Carvalho, Fabia A.
2013Macroeconomic policy transmission and international interdependence: A SVAR application to Brazil and USAmbrosio Dias, Maria Helena; Dias, Joilson
2013School absenteeism, work and health among Brazilian children: Full information versus limited information modelMachado, Danielle Carusi; Milcent, Carine; Huguenin, Jacques
2013Trust as an element of informal coordination and its relationship with organizational performanceZanini, Marco Tulio F.; Migueles, Carmen P.
2013Evidence of the effect of wealth observed by criminals on the risk of becoming a victim of property crimesJustus, Marcelo; Kassouf, Ana Lúcia
2013Testing asymmetries in Central Bank preferences in a small open economy: A study for Brazilda Silva Bejarano Aragón, Edilean Kleber; Bezerra de Medeiros, Gabriela
2013The influence of interest on net equity and interest rates on tax neutrality – a case study of the Brazilian corporate taxationFerreira de Almeida, Aloísio Flavio; Leitão Paes, Nelson
2013Combining term structure of interest rate forecasts: The Brazilian casede Araújo, Rafael Cavalcanti; Cajueiro, Daniel Oliveira
2013Determinants of the level of indebtedness for Brazilian firms: A quantile regression approachOliveira, Guilherme Resende; Tabak, Benjamin Miranda; de Lara Resende, José Guilherme; Cajueiro, Daniel Oliviera