Working Paper Series in Production and Energy, Institute for Industrial Production (IIP), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

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2021 The legitimacy of wind power in GermanyDehler-Holland, Joris; Okoh, Marvin; Keles, Dogan
2021 Optimal investment in energy efficiency as a problem of growth rate maximisationBritto, Anthony; Dehler-Holland, Joris; Fichtner, Wolf
2021 Diffusion and system impact of residential battery storage under different regulatory settingsFett, Daniel; Fraunholz, Christoph; Keles, Dogan
2020 Reviewing energy system modelling of decentralized energy autonomyWeinand, Jann; Scheller, Fabian Johannes; McKenna, Russell
2020 Improving renewable energy resource assessments by quantifying landscape beautyMcKenna, Russell; Weinand, Jann Michael; Mulalic, Ismir; Petrovic, Stefan; Mainzer, Kai; Preis, Tobias; Moat, Helen Susannah
2020 On the long-term efficiency of market splitting in GermanyFraunholz, Christoph; Hladik, Dirk; Keles, Dogan; Möst, Dominik; Fichtner, Wolf
2020 Identification of potential off-grid municipalities with 100% renewable energy supplyWeinand, Jann; Ried, Sabrina; Kleinebrahm, Max; McKenna, Russell; Fichtner, Wolf
2020 Demand response through decentralized optimization in residential areas with wind and photovoltaicsDengiz, Thomas; Jochem, Patrick; Fichtner, Wolf
2020 Comparing empirical and model-based approaches for calculating dynamic grid emission factors: An application to CO2-minimizing storage dispatch in GermanyBraeuer, Fritz; Finck, Rafael; McKenna, Russell
2020 The merge of two worlds: Integrating artificial neural networks into agent-based electricity market simulationFraunholz, Christoph; Kraft, Emil; Keles, Dogan; Fichtner, Wolf
2020 Secondary raw material markets in the C&D sector: Study on user acceptance in southwest GermanyVolk, Rebekka; Kern, Christian Frederik; Schultmann, Frank
2020 Willingness to pay for residential PV: Reconciling gaps between acceptance and adoptionKhuong, Phuong M.; Scheller, Fabian; McKenna, Russell; Keles, Dogan; Fichtner, Wolf
2020 Optimal evacuation-decisions facing the trade-off between early-warning precision, evacuation-cost and trust - the Warning Compliance Model (WCM)Wiens, Marcus; Mahdavian, Farnaz; Platt, Stephen; Schultmann, Frank
2020 Using neural networks to model long-term dependencies in occupancy behaviorKleinebrahm, Max; Torriti, Jacopo; McKenna, Russell; Ardone, Armin; Fichtner, Wolf
2020 On the value of accurate demand information in public-private emergency collaborationsDiehlmann, Florian; Klein, Miriam; Wiens, Marcus; Lüttenberg, Markus; Schultmann, Frank
2020 A novel approach to include social costs in humanitarian objective functionsDiehlmann, Florian; Hiemsch, Patrick S.; Wiens, Marcus; Lüttenberg, Markus; Schultmann, Frank
2020 Regionalität aus Sicht von Energieversorgungsunternehmen - eine qualitative Inhaltsanalyse zu Regionalstrom in DeutschlandLehmann, Nico; Müller, Jonathan Benedikt; Ardone, Armin; Karner, Katharina; Fichtner, Wolf
2020 Two-stage stochastic program optimizing the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles in commercial fleetsSchücking, Maximilian; Jochem, Patrick
2020 Public-private collaborations in emergency logistics: A framework based on logistical and game-theoretical conceptsDiehlmann, Florian; Lüttenberg, Markus; Verdonck, Lotte; Wiens, Marcus; Zienau, Alexander; Schultmann, Frank
2019 On the role of electricity storage in capacity remuneration mechanismsFraunholz, Christoph; Keles, Dogan; Fichtner, Wolf
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56
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