Working Paper Series in Production and Energy, Institute for Industrial Production (IIP), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

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2023Calculation of synthetic energy carrier production costs with high temporal and geographical resolutionLangenmayr, Uwe; Ruppert, Manuel
2023Can electric vehicle charging be carbon neutral? Uniting smart charging and renewablesWill, Christian; Zimmermann, Florian; Ensslen, Axel; Fraunholz, Christoph; Jochem, Patrick; Keles, Dogan
2023Provision of frequency containment reserve from residential battery storage systems: A German case studyFett, Daniel; Fraunholz, Christoph; Lange, Malin
2023Global logistics of an iron-based energy network: A case study of retrofitting german coal power plantsJansen, Erik; Schuler, Julia; Ardone, Armin; Slednev, Viktor; Fichtner, Wolf; Pfetsch, Marc E.
2022Steelmaking technology and energy prices: The case of GermanyBritto, Anthony; Kraft, Emil; Dehler-Holland, Joris
2022An electricity price modeling framework for renewable-dominant marketsHain, Martin; Kargus, Tobias; Schermeyer, Hans; Uhrig-Homburg, Marliese; Fichtner, Wolf
2022Energy behavior in Karlsruhe and GermanyKlarmann, Martin; Pade, Robin; Fichtner, Wolf; Lehmann, Nico
2022State or market: Investments in new nuclear power plants in France and their domestic and cross-border effectsZimmermann, Florian; Keles, Dogan
2022Wealth, consumption, and energy-efficiency investmentsBritto, Anthony; Dehler-Holland, Joris; Fichtner, Wolf
2021Short-term risk management for electricity retailers under rising shares of decentralized solar generationRusso, Marianna; Kraft, Emil; Bertsch, Valentin; Keles, Dogan
2021The legitimacy of wind power in GermanyDehler-Holland, Joris; Okoh, Marvin; Keles, Dogan
2021Evaluation of building analysis approaches as a basis for the energy improvement of city districtsMayer, Zoe; Volk, Rebekka; Schultmann, Frank
2021Projektmanagementsoftware und Scheduling: Aktuelle Bestandsaufnahme von Funktionalitäten und Identifikation von PotenzialenGehring, Marco; Winkler, Franziska; Volk, Rebekka; Schultmann, Frank
2021Optimal investment in energy efficiency as a problem of growth rate maximisationBritto, Anthony; Dehler-Holland, Joris; Fichtner, Wolf
2021Diffusion and system impact of residential battery storage under different regulatory settingsFett, Daniel; Fraunholz, Christoph; Keles, Dogan
2021On the role of risk aversion and market design in capacity expansion planningFraunholz, Christoph; Miskiw, Kim K.; Kraft, Emil; Fichtner, Wolf; Weber, Christoph
2021Regionalität aus Sicht von Energieversorgungs- und Direktvermarktungsunternehmen: Eine qualitative Inhaltsanalyse zu Regionalstrom in DeutschlandLehmann, Nico; Müller, Jonathan Benedikt; Ardone, Armin; Karner, Katharina; Fichtner, Wolf
2021Stochastic optimization of trading strategies in sequential electricity marketsKraft, Emil; Russo, Marianna; Keles, Dogan; Bertsch, Valentin
2021Techno-ökonomische Bewertung der Produktion regenerativer synthetischer KraftstoffeHeinzmann, Paul; Glöser-Chahoud, Simon; Dahmen, Nicolaus; Langenmayr, Uwe; Schultmann, Frank
2020On the value of accurate demand information in public-private emergency collaborationsDiehlmann, Florian; Klein, Miriam; Wiens, Marcus; Lüttenberg, Markus; Schultmann, Frank
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 72
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