Working Papers in Economics, Department of Economics, Izmir University of Economics

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2015 Input-Output Networks and Growth Performances across CountriesDuman, Alper; Ertan Özgüzer, Gül
2015 Job networks in Izmir: Why are migrants different?Duman, Alper; Göksel, Idil
2015 Economic Convergence in the EU: A Complexity ApproachErtan Özgüzer, Gül; Oæguøs, Ayla
2015 Maternal employment and female labor force participation: A case study from TurkeyEryar, Değer; Tekgüç, Hasan
2013 Basic Innovation and Firm PerformanceDindaroğlu, Burak
2013 Does Gender Matter for Economic Convergence? The OECD EvidenceKýlýnç, Dilara; Yetkiner, Hakan
2013 Energy Prices and Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence in the Long RunBerk, Ýstemi; Yetkiner, Hakan
2013 The ARDL Test of Gender Kuznets Curve for G7 CountriesKýlýnç, Dilara; Onater, Esra; Yetkiner, Hakan
2013 The Neoclassical Determinants of Real WageIvrendi, Mehmet; Guloglu, Bulent; Yetkiner, Y. Hakan
2012 A Romerian Contribution to the Empirics of Economic GrowthSağlam, Bahar Bayraktar; Yetkiner, I. Hakan
2012 The reasons of decreasing trend of female labour force participation in Turkey: The role of conservatismGöksel, Idil
2012 Rethinking reproduction schemesTuran Subaşat, Turan
2012 The Granger-Causality between Transportation and GDP: A Panel Data ApproachBeyzatlar, Mehmet Aldonat; Karacal, Müge; Yetkiner, I. Hakan
2012 Defense Spending and Economic Growth:A Theoretical Manifestation for Empirical StudiesYetkiner, I. Hakan
2012 A Remark on the Form of Accumulation Functions in Economic Growth ModelsYetkiner, I. Hakan
2011 R&D Productivity and Firm Size in Semiconductors and Pharmaceuticals: Evidence from Citation YieldsDindaroğlu, Burak
2010 Does size of banks really matter? Evidence from CDS market dataArslan, İlker
2010 Learning by observingPostalcı, Efe
2010 Worthy Transfers? A Dynamic Analysis of Turkey's Accession to the European UnionErtan Özgüzer, Gül; Pensieroso, Luca
2010 A Sectoral Approach to the Surging Imports in TurkeyDuman, Alper; Ertan Özgüzer, Gül
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 39