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Chávez-Martín del Campo, Juan Carlos
Fonseca, Felipe J.
Gómez-Zaldívar, Manuel
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Working Papers 2017-08
Abstract (Translated): 
We analyze the relationship between the economic growth rate and a rule of law indicator in Mexican states during the period 2006-2013. Specifically, we employ information regarding the time it takes to solve commercial disputes in local courts, which we use as a proxy variable to measure the efficiency of the justice system. In principle, we expect that the shorter the time it takes to resolve commercial disputes, the higher the growth rates will be in the states where the firms are located. The results suggest that a 100-day decrease in the average time it takes to resolve a commercial dispute is associated with an increase of 0.6 percent in the growth rate of state per capita GDP.
Economic Growth
Justice System
Regional Economies
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Working Paper
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