Darmstadt Discussion Papers in Economics, Volkswirtschaftlichen Fachgebiete, Fachbereich Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Technische Universität Darmstadt

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2021 Cheap talk? Financial sanctions and non-financial firmsBesedeš, Tibor; Goldbach, Stefan; Nitsch, Volker
2020 Currency compositions of international reserves and the euro crisisLaser, Falk Hendrik; Weidner, Jan
2019 Improving oil price forecasts by sparse VAR methodsKrüger, Jens; Ruths Sion, Sebastian
2019 Ease vs. noise: Long-run changes in the value of transport (dis)amenitiesAhlfeldt, Gabriel M.; Nitsch, Volker; Wendland, Nicolai
2019 The population question in a neoclassical growth model: A brief theory of production per capitaLüger, Tim
2018 Passport, please! Travels, travails and tradeNitsch, Volker
2018 Trips and tradeNitsch, Volker
2018 On "rusting" money: Silvio Gesell's Schwundgeld reconsideredRehme, Günther
2018 The principle of population vs. the Malthusian trap: A classical retrospective and resuscitationLüger, Tim
2018 A VAR evaluation of classical growth theoryLüger, Tim
2016 Determinants of ICT infrastructure: A cross-country statistical analysisKrüger, Jens J.; Rhiel, Mathias
2016 Direct targeting of efficient DMUs for benchmarkingKrüger, Jens J.
2016 Trillion dollar estimate: Illicit financial flows from developing countriesNitsch, Volker
2015 Macroeconomic development and the life cycle of the German automobile industry, 1886-1939Krüger, Jens J.; von Rhein, Kristina
2015 Survival analysis in product life cycle investigations: An assessment of robustness for the German automobile industryKrüger, Jens
2015 Estimating the materials balance condition: A stochastic frontier approachHampf, Benjamin
2015 Radar scanning the world production frontierKrüger, Jens J.
2015 Measuring economic and institutional integrationNitsch, Volker; Berger, Helge
2014 On the design of public institutions: Evidence from financial supervisionNitsch, Volker
2014 Optimal profits under environmental regulation: The benefits from emission intensity averagingHampf, Benjamin; Rødseth, Kenneth Løvold
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 138
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