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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997The determinants of BUND-future price changes: An ordered probit analysis using DTB and LIFFE dataKaiser, Ulrich
1998The Impact of New Technologies on the Demand for Heterogenous Labour: Empirical Evidence from the German Business-Related Services SectorKaiser, Ulrich
2006The pulse of liability of foreignness: dynamic legitimacy and experiences effects in the German car marketKaiser, Ulrich; Sofka, Wolfgang
1998R&D cooperation and R&D intensity: theory and micro-econometric evidence for german manufacturing industriesKaiser, Ulrich; Licht, Georg
2005Do Magazines' "Companion Websites" Cannibalize the Demand for the Print Version?Kaiser, Ulrich; Kongsted, Hans Christian
1998The impact of the introduction of the Euro on firms' expectations concerning export behavior, product innovation and foreign competition - An empirical assessment of the German business-related services sectorKaiser, Ulrich; Müller, Claudia
1997The impact of political announcements on expectations concerning the starting date of the EMU - A microeconometric approach to the detection of event-dependent answering patterns in business surveysKaiser, Ulrich
2004True Versus Spurious State Dependence in Firm Performance: The Case of West German ExportsKaiser, Ulrich; Kongsted, Hans Christian
2004Price Structure in Two-sided Markets: Evidence from the Magazine Industry?Kaiser, Ulrich; Wright, Julian
2004B2B or Not to Be: Does B2B E-Commerce Increase Labour Productivity?Bertschek, Irene; Fryges, Helmut; Kaiser, Ulrich