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de Frahan, Bruno Henry
Dong, Jérémie
De Blander, Rembert
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LIS Working Paper Series 700
At a time when policy-makers in many developed countries continue to justify farm support on the basis of relatively low and unstable incomes, this chapter shows that incomes of farm households are not particularly lower on average compared to those of non-farm households in most of the ten selected OECD member countries. What is however striking is that income disparity and poverty are greater in the farm community compared to the non-farm community in most of the selected countries. This analysis questions therefore the continuation of indiscriminate farm income support. It also calls for the need of collecting farm household data that would allow a more effective targeting of farm support and for revising fundamentally public interventions towards the agricultural sector.
farm household income
farm problem
LIS data
OECD countries
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Working Paper

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