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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Human capital and education policy: Evidence from survey dataGrewenig, Elisabeth
2021 Consequences of future climate policy: Regional economies, financial markets, and the direction of innovationvon Schickfus, Marie-Theres
2021 The regional distribution of income and wages: Causes and consequencesImmel, Lea
2021 Essays on equality of opportunityHufe, Paul
2021 Inequality, infrastructure, and institutions: Empirical studies in public economics and political economyDorn, Florian
2020 Education, skills & labor-market success: Microeconometric analyses using large-scale skills assessmentsHampf, Franziska Bernadette
2020 ifo Handbuch der KonjunkturumfragenSauer, Stefan; Wohlrabe, Klaus
2020 From fossil fuels to renewables: Studies on the effects of resource endowments and climate policy on economic outcomesMontoya Gómez, Ana Maria
2020 Infrastructure, institutions and identity - Determinants of regional development: Empirical evidence from GermanyGäbler, Stefanie
2020 The trade effects of anti-dumping duties, non-tarif barriers and maritime security: Gravity applicationsSandkamp, Alexander-Nikolai
2019 Macroeconomics, nonlinearities, and the business cycleReif, Magnus
2019 Microeconometric Analyses on Determinants of Individual Labour Market OutcomesSimon, Lisa K.
2019 Geography Matters: Spatial Dimensions of Trade, Migration and GrowthSteinwachs, Thomas
2019 The Role of Information for Public Preferences on Education - Evidence from Representative Survey ExperimentsWerner, Katharina
2019 Complex dimensions of climate policy: the role of political economy, capital markets, and urban formMarz, Waldemar
2019 Empirical essays on fiscal federalism and political economy in GermanyKrause, Manuela
2019 Conditions and consequences of education: Microeconometric analysesBergbauer, Annika Barbara
2018 Education Economics from a Historical PerspectiveSchüler, Ruth Maria
2018 Microeconometric Analysis of Individual and Institutional Determinants of Education and Occupational ChoiceObergruber, Natalie
2018 Empirical Essays on the Socioeconomic Consequences of Economic UncertaintyAuer, Wolfgang
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 58