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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 School curricula, educational trajectories, and labor market outcomesArold, Benjamin W.
2022 How political, spatial, and administrative changes shape the local level: Evidence from municipalitiesDörr, Luisa
2021 Human capital and education policy: Evidence from survey dataGrewenig, Elisabeth
2021 Inequality, infrastructure, and institutions: Empirical studies in public economics and political economyDorn, Florian
2021 Consequences of future climate policy: Regional economies, financial markets, and the direction of innovationvon Schickfus, Marie-Theres
2021 The regional distribution of income and wages: Causes and consequencesImmel, Lea
2021 Essays on equality of opportunityHufe, Paul
2020 Education, skills & labor-market success: Microeconometric analyses using large-scale skills assessmentsHampf, Franziska Bernadette
2020 ifo Handbuch der KonjunkturumfragenSauer, Stefan; Wohlrabe, Klaus
2020 From fossil fuels to renewables: Studies on the effects of resource endowments and climate policy on economic outcomesMontoya Gómez, Ana Maria
2020 Infrastructure, institutions and identity - Determinants of regional development: Empirical evidence from GermanyGäbler, Stefanie
2020 The trade effects of anti-dumping duties, non-tarif barriers and maritime security: Gravity applicationsSandkamp, Alexander-Nikolai
2019 Macroeconomics, nonlinearities, and the business cycleReif, Magnus
2019 Microeconometric Analyses on Determinants of Individual Labour Market OutcomesSimon, Lisa K.
2019 Geography Matters: Spatial Dimensions of Trade, Migration and GrowthSteinwachs, Thomas
2019 The Role of Information for Public Preferences on Education - Evidence from Representative Survey ExperimentsWerner, Katharina
2019 Complex dimensions of climate policy: the role of political economy, capital markets, and urban formMarz, Waldemar
2019 Empirical essays on fiscal federalism and political economy in GermanyKrause, Manuela
2019 Conditions and consequences of education: Microeconometric analysesBergbauer, Annika Barbara
2018 Education Economics from a Historical PerspectiveSchüler, Ruth Maria
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 60