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Vlad, Mihaela Cristina
Nitu, Mihaela
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[Title:] Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania. 6th Edition of the International Symposium [Publisher:] The Research Institute for Agricultural Economy and Rural Development (ICEADR) [Place:] Bucharest [Year:] 2015 [Pages:] 148-153
Planning is the process of identifying the present situation, setting goals and define ways to achieve the objectives. Planning is the primary function of business management because of time preparing space for all other aspects of management, is considered a link between past and present [2]. Use of computer technology in agriculture will have a significant effect, provided achieving integrated information systems at macro (national agriculture, ministry) and micro (farm, farms etc.). Expanding use of computers in agriculture will ensure rational use of resources, their savings, the provision of complete and operative information on the conditions of production, the supply-sales market, the cost on profitability, etc. Thus, this work demonstrates the need and applicability of computer systems at the level of companies.
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Conference Paper
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