06th International Symposium "Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania", Bucharest, 2015

ISSN: 2285-6803

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2015The role of small-scale agriculture in Romanian contextTudor, Monica Miheala
2015Designing a mathematical model to optimize the size activities in the production plan for SC RENTEA SRLVlad, Mihaela Cristina; Nitu, Mihaela
2015Farms regional economic developments identified in the FADN PANELMituko Vlad, Ionela; Tudor, Valentina; Stoian, Elena; Micu, Marius Mihai
2015An initiative to link between research and support for young farmers who access the sub-measure 6.1 - RDP 2014-2020Ursu, Ana
2015Romanian agrarian structure after 25 yearsBold, Ion; Dragomir, Vili; Lăcătuşu, George
2015Comparative issues on the evolution of potato-growing areas and of crops obtained in Romania and in other European countriesAlecu, Ioan-Niculae; Szabo, Gyorgy; Nagy, Caroly; Angelescu , Carmen; Baciu, George Alexandru
2015The social inclusion favoring development: Feature and also concept of the development strategies. Romania caseIlie, Elena Mihaela; Ţincu, Carmen
2015Evaluation of the youth motivation to choose rural areas for living and workingChiriţescu, Vergina; Kruzslicika, Mihaela
2015Developments in the European market of organic agricultural productsAlecu, Ioan-Niculae; Angelescu, Anda-Irina; Mărcuţă, Alina; Angelescu, Carmen
2015Non-agricultural activities in the economic development of the Romanian rural areaSima, Elena
2015Analysis of Romanian agricultural cooperatives structure in 2014Micu, Ana-Ruxandra; Alecu, Ioan Niculae; Micu, Marius Mihai
2015The competitive behaviour of rural households in agriculture: A case study ÷Tara HaðteguluiChiţea, Lorena Florentina
2015Technical-economic analysis on a community agricultural cooperative in the village of, in the County Vidra, Ilfov: Case studyDinică, Marius
2015Romanian agri-food trade with the new member states (nms-13) of the EU: A comparative analysisGavrilescu, Camelia
2015Increasing the competitiveness of a vegetal agricultural holding by accesing sub-measure 4.1Bădan, Daniela Nicoleta; Berevoianu, Rozi Liliana
2015The rural development program in Romania and the place of LEADER program within itsBadea, Adriana; Fîntîneru , Alexandru; Baciu, George Alexandru
2015Agricultural knowledge and information system: Lessons lerand in the postsocialist period in Romania and BulgariaRusu, Marioara; Dirimanova, Violeta; Simionescu, Violeta Maria
2015Managerial skills of women entrepreneurs in Dobrudgea's rural areaSima, Elena
2015Analysis of statistical indicators for output areas, in sud-vest Oltenia during 2000-2013Vlad, Mihaela Cristina; Cujbescu, Dan
2015Study regarding the modern management systems, methods and techniquesFurduescu, Bogdan-Alexandru
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 74