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2024Divorce, domestic violence, and help seekingPisanelli, Elena
2024Do alternative work arrangements substitute standard employment? Evidence from worker-level dataFanfani, Bernardo; Passerini, Filippo
2024The impact of a peer-to-peer mentoring program on university choices and performanceBortolotti, Stefania; Loviglio, Annalisa
2024The degeneration of workers' cooperatives under endogenous membership in mixed oligopolyDelbono, Flavio; Reggiani, Carlo
2024Invalid proxies and volatility changesAngelini, Giovanni; Fanelli, Luca; Neri, Luca
2024The attenuation of legal changeFranzoni, Luigi Alberto
2023From personal values to social normsBarigozzi, Francesca; Montinari, Natalia
2023Noisy signals: Do ratings' volatility depend on the length of the consumption span?Boto-García, David; Leoni, Veronica
2023Estimating the elasticity of turnover from bunching: Peferential tax regimes for solo self-employed in ItalyAlosa, Francesco
2023The performance of cooperative vs capitalistic micro firms in the pandemicCosta, Michele; Delbono, Flavio; Linguiti, Francesco
2023The evaluation of the effects of ESG scores on financial marketsCosta, Michele
2023Entering a gender-neutral workplace? College students' expectations and the impact of information provisionBarigozzi, Francesca; Domínguez, José J.; Montinari, Natalia
2023And suddenly, the rain!: How surprises shape experienced utilityFigini, Paolo; Leoni, Veronica; Vici, Laura
2023Do bishops matter for politics? Evidence from ItalyLanzara, Gianandrea; Lazzaroni, Sara; Masella, Paolo; Squicciarini, Mara P.
2023Harm reduction: When does it improve health, and when does it backfire?Cawley, John H.; Dragone, Davide
2023The spatial drivers of discrimination: Evidence from anti-Muslim fake news in IndiaAbraham, Samira S.; Lanzara, Gianandrea; Lazzaroni, Sara; Masella, Paolo; Squicciarini, Mara P.
2023School quality beyond test scores: The role of schools in shaping educational outcomesLoviglio, Annalisa
2022Interlocking directorates and competition in bankingBarone, Guglielmo; Schivardi, Fabiano; Sette, Enrico
2022Beyond Illyria: Workers' firm in mixed oligopolyDelbono, Flavio; Lanzi, Diego; Reggiani, Carlo
2022Consumption response heterogeneity and dynamics with an inattention regionBoccanfuso, Jérémy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1197