Quaderni - Working Paper DSE, Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche (DSE), Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Has the credit supply shock asymmetric effects on macroeconomic variables?Colombo, Valentina; Paccagnini, Alessia
2019 Inequality and democracySoci, Anna
2019 The evaluation of gender income inequality by means of the Gini index decompositionCosta, Michele
2019 Disease management in diabetes care: When involving GPs improves patient compliance and health outcomesUgolini, Cristina; Bruni, Matteo Lippi; Leucci, Anna Caterina; Fiorentini, Gianluca; Berti, Elena; Nobilio, Lucia; Moro, Maria Luisa
2019 A tale of two cities: An experiment on inequality and preferencesBigoni, Maria; Bortolotti, Stefania; Rattini, Veronica
2019 Keynes between the classics and Sraffa: On the issue of the numéraireMagnani, Michele
2019 Scientifico! like Dad: On the Intergenerational Transmission of STEM Education in ItalyChise, Diana; Fort, Margherita; Monfardini, Chiara
2019 Booking in the rain: Testing the impact of public information on pricesFigini, Paolo; Cicognani, Simona; Zirulia, Lorenzo
2019 Do lottery operators exploit their lottery power? Efficiency and equality considerations in optimal lottery designForster, Martin; Randon, Emanuela
2019 Economic polarization and antisocial behavior: An experimentBigoni, Maria; Bortolotti, Stefania; Nas Özen, Efşan
2019 Uncertainty, perception and the InternetBontempi, Maria Elena; Frigeri, Michele; Golinelli, Roberto; Squadrani, Matteo
2019 What goes around, comes around: Reciprocal effects and double-sided moral hazard in the choice of brand licensingBacchiega, Emanuele; Colucci, Mariachiara; Magnani, Marco
2019 Concordance and complementarity in Intellectual Property instrumentsGrazzi, Marco; Piccardo, Chiara; Vergari, Cecilia
2019 Legal change in the face of risk averse subjects: A generalization of the theoryFranzoni, Luigi Alberto
2018 The persistence-resilience trade-off in unemployment: The role of labor and product market institutionsAksoy, Tolga; Manasse, Paolo
2018 Civic capital and service outsourcing: Evidence from ItalyBürker, Matthias; Mammi, Irene; Minerva, G. Alfredo
2018 Non-performing loans, cost of capital, and lending supply: Lessons from the Eurozone banking crisisChiesa, Gabriella; Mansilla-Fernández, José Manuel
2018 Informal employment relationships and the labor market: Is there segmentation in Ukraine?Lehmann, Hartmut; Pignatti, Norberto
2018 The price of discovering your needs onlineCarroni, Elias; Ferrari, Luca; Righi, Simone
2018 Parameter heterogeneity, persistence and cross-sectional dependence: New insights on fiscal policy reaction functions for the Euro areaGolinelli, Roberto; Mammi, Irene; Musolesi, Antonio
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1142